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I was wondering how one any time fitness said silver sneakers there is no charge and when it closed another one will not honor that membership and wants to charge $40.00 for a key to use that gym. Thank you

June Duff

I was a member at the Rockledge any time fitness and wanted to use the one in Titusville also because it is close to my home.

I liked the gym. the place is kept clean and the fact that I could use any one of your fitness centers or so I thought maybe I misunderstood this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Anytime Fitness is a franchise that is individually owned and operated- which means some "opt in" for silver sneakers and others do not. Additionally your key will be recognized as "in use" at another facility & will not be able to be re-used opening a new account at a new facility, meaning a new key would have to be issued.

If your account were in good standing at the old facility they should be able to "transfer" your membership without issuing a new key.

This is again based upon your status at the old club-- active/cancelled etc. Each facility does and can make their own rules & fee structures within the franchise guidelines.