Do not sign a contract with this gym, no matter what you do unless you move or have a Doctors letter you can not get out of the contract not even by paying a cancellation fee.

I fell like I am working out in a prison this gym is so nasty you nearly fall on your face with all the overlapping mats on the ground. Once you sign a contract you are screwed, DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT,GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT IS CLEANER AND CHEAPER IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY OR TIME. TRUST ME

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I was 17 and they let me sign up.I was so excited, and they never told me that i couldn't cancel unless i moved or was injured.

Then a few months later i tried to cancel because I wasn't using it and they told me i couldn't, i was so pissed.I WAS 17 TEEN!

to lexy Woodruff, South Carolina, United States #588926

You are not obligated to pay.A 17 year old is still a minor child.

Any company that enters into a contract with a minor (under 18) can and shall not expect the contract to be fulfilled! A contract with a minor is,considered null and void except when such contract is entered for a neccessity for a minor child (a gym membership is a luxury not neccessity) therefore, the minor child or his/her guardian is not and can not be liable for such contract. If the monthly membership fees were taking from a parent/guardian's bank acct or credit card the fees can be reimbursed if account holder did not give the contractor/gym specific and verified consent. This means you could even get the money back for time actually spent using the gym.

Look it up (contracts with minor children) and do what you can. They deserve some punishment for the criminal way they treat people. Its whit collar crime hidden or justified by a contract.

Do not pay if u were under 18 at the time u entered the contract!Contact credit agencies if when you are 18 these charges went against your credit and explain

what happened, u were under,18 at time of contract, u cancelled, they continued to charge, and the credit agencies will correct this.


The gym is nice.At least here in Sauk Rapids, MN.

It's the owner who's a shyster. I will go as far as to say he is a liar. All the info wasn't given about the amount of money that was coming out, how the health insurance worked and what "extras" were offered for a phenomenal price.

The whole deal was shifty.Shame on me for falling into it.


Well to the ahole who said it was a contract, maybe you would like to be in our shoes.My husband and I joined Anytime with every intention of working out after he had his heart surgery.

Well after having the surgery and being in the hospital for 7 monthes and he is now in a wheelchair. We tried to cancel the contract because my husband is not able to go there and I have to take care of him. We were told we need a letter from our doctor for my husband and I can NEVER cancel. My husband is 60 years old and they treat him like he is 6.

There seems to be some discriminiation involved here.You should count your blessing to not have to be in a wheelchair!!


I am having this problem too!They have no sympathy wont let you out of your contract unless you pay it out..WOW!

wish they would have mentioned this when I signed up. Wish I never Signed up. I've contacted ABC Financial to stop drafting my account because this is uncalled for. I'm also getting my bank account changed so they STOP charging me.

RIDICULOUS.Don't ever sign up.


You all should get arrested for claiming false myths.You didn't read your contracts and now you complain that they never gave it to you.

You should still have the customer copy (if YOU didn't carelessly lose it.) Read it and be faithful to yourself!

Lying bunch of beggars!You all should really go to jail!

to Bally G Woodruff, South Carolina, United States #588929

You are a judgemental little ***.***.

You have no clue what these people are talking about. I have my contract. There is alot of *** in it but none has helped with cancelling. There is no way out.

The sign you for 1 to 2 years and continue charging after your contract is up. They are criminals but its made ok bc they hide behind these rediculous contracts. I followed the policies. Called to cancel, they said ok.

When I got no confirmation letter (as they said I would) I sent a letter of cancellation. No reply. Went to the gym filled out cancellation form. They said it was done.

After that I supposedly owe $1000 in gym membership, cancellation, and fees. All the charges we after my second written cancellation notices. They are robbing people.

So shut the h3// up!!My reply is a year late but youre such a tool I found it neccessary when I came across this thread.


Yep, I was suckered by AF myself.I was told that there was, in fact, a contract cancellation fee that all I would have to pay is $50 to get out at anytime.

I was also told about if I move or have dr saying unable to work out that I would be released from the contract. They did not say there would be a $50 fee in the last 2 instances... now I am finding out that there is no cancellation fee and if I do move or become injured, I will STILL have to pay $50! They suckered me into a contract by selling me on false information!



I went in with my brother for a tour, and within ten minutes she had us sitting down and trying to get us to sign up for a contract.We both did the year and a half for 50 dollars a month.

The first 6 months went fine, but then the gym started falling apart, and getting dirty. Then at 10 months, 2 months after I stopped going, I was randomly charged an extra 50 dollars. For "maintenance." I went back to check out what they did with the money, and nothing has changed. Everything is still worn down and dirty.

Not happy, Not going back.My contract is up in June, and I am done with them.


I to have a contract that I wasn't aware of.The are still taking money out of my bro-in-laws acct.

not even mine.

Now I can't get our of it.I havent even been to the gym in 2 years!!!

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