Shoreview, Minnesota
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I joined this joint back in December, and signed up for personal training. No results were seen after 3 months of working with the trainer,who would miss our schedule meeting several times over the 3month period.

I ended the PT a couple months ago and within the past week decided to quit my membership b/c I'm in construction and my schedule is very unpredictable .

I was told by the owner that I signed a contract tying me to an 18 month commitment !!!!! When I asked to see a copy of the signed document it could not be produce...........

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Training.

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I do not recommend this facility. They are biased towards men and cater to men's needs and have ONE weight bar.

They have more than one treadmill, why wouldn't they have more than one weight bar? No kettle bells, not much equipment or space to get a real workout in.


They have made it very difficult to cancel contract and added lots of fees. They are not operating ethically. Facility was fine but because of billing problems do not recommend joining.


Don't join here, I had to cancel my cc to end my membership and the PT is terrible


Thanks for the heads up on this place. Ironically I went to this location to check it out and felt totally pressured to sign up for the fitness plan with the trainer but I did not and thankfully so!! I decided to look for reviews and found this site.

Thank you!


Do not sign up with this location, they pressure you to sign up for personal training.... While training there the trainer would be telling me which women he thought were "hot" and would make negative comments on ppl he thought should sign up with him but did not........ What a freak!


Yes the trainer is thumbs down


Yes these guys are scammers and the pt thing is ***