Kennewick, Washington
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i signed up for an 18th month membership, after the 18 month were over assumed my contract was over including all payments. wrong the company kept charging me for each month to this date as soon as i found out i was still being charged i went to complain apparently they couldn't do anything.

i kept calling and emailing other managers and no response for a month till finally a manager replied and said i couldn't get a refund for my loss and that i had to mail in a 30 day in advance cancellation notice with everything paid!!! really wtf!!

b*%$! so i did but they are still billing me worse company ever!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $619.

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Why does everybody "call and email"? If it is so important go down there and speak to someone.


When I sign people up at our club I am sure to explain that their account does NOT close at the end of the agreement period, but will continue on a month to month basis until they cancel with us after their agreement expiration date by giving us a 30 days notice.

We go over the Auto Renew Program and have each member initial it. Unfortunately the club either A) Didn't explain this to you and just told you to initial something or B) They did explain it and you didn't understand or didn't read the contract you signed.

Either way, the club is legally in the right to have continued to charge you and to not refund you. If you were one of my members, I would have immediately canceled your account to prevent further charges unless you were within the 48 hour draft window. Next time you sign a contract, my best advice is to thoroughly read it and ask questions when you don't understand. You should always ask for copies and most AF's use carbon copies. Take it home and go over it thoroughly. If you don't like something you've already signed, you have, I believe 7 days to contest it with the club (It may be as little as 48 hours and depends on which state you live in.)


"assumed" Instead of reading the agreement you signed. LOL Be a grown up and read contracts before you sign them buddy :cry . Easy enough.


They are doing the same thing to me - said I signed up for "automatic renewal....." I need my money as I lost my job and have no income. When I call the club no one ever answers, and when I leave a message no one ever calls me back. I don't have time to mess with these jokers - I hate the place - the one in Columbus, Indiana.