Glenwood, Iowa

I was told by the manager of glenwood, Iowa anytime fitness that my membership was going to go up starting August 1st from 24.99 to 37.44. I told her via email I wanted to cancel my membership starting August 1.

To my knowledge it was canceled. She did reply stating that I had to come in and fill out an exit questionair (never saying that if I didn't come in, that I would still be charged a membership fee), between my work schedule and her never being there during "her operating hours". I was unable to fill out the questionnaire. I received my bank statement In the mail an was charged for August and September membership.

I called her and she stated it was my fault. Horrible business management. I would also like to say that I cancelled my membership before and NEVER filled out a questionnaire to leave.

I own a hair salon and will recommend to ALL my clients about this incident and will tell them to NEVER go to anytime fitness in Glenwood, Iowa. I had to stop payment through my bank in order to have them no longer take money from my account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I hope you realize that going about this the way you did will mean that your account gets sent to a collections company which in turn means that your credit score will suffer. You may want to go through the proper channels to cancel if you want good credit. Goodluck either way


port Adelaide (anytime fitness) one hour ago.

I had a 12 month contract with this gym and when it was finished I called and asked to cancel my member ship so the guy said okay.Next month they called me and said there is a (month notice) and i have to pay for another month ($56) I actually have paid for 13 month because I didn't receive any notice that my member ship is due to finish.

(most of the companies will send you a letter or so month or 2 before it is finished to notify you that the contract is due to be finished and if you would like to renew it) and all the guy said { the contract said that and that's what you signed on} in a very bad way, like it was my fault to trust them. so I paid for another month, total of 14 month..

how *** is that? I will never recommend this gym to any of my friends and will tell everyone I know about what happen with me.