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I have been a member for over a year and have paid all of my membership dues up front. I have never let anyone use my key or let someone else into the gym in my whole 12+ months of membership. With that said I let my girlfriend use my key TWICE out of my whole 12+ months of membership because she was relocating with me and thinking about switching gyms. We both work nights, so we use our gyms at night time which is past operating hours thus the reason for not being able to get permission for a guest to accompany me. I have no prior incidents or complaints from management in all of my 12+ months of membership. She just wanted to check out the gym and see what it had to offer and if she liked it, then she was going to sign up. She did like it and had every intention of signing up until what followed.

The events that followed were a $250 charge and being locked out of the gym with no explanation, phone call or warning from the owner or management. I was treated like a child and a criminal when I went to the gym and asked why I was locked out and not given any reason aside from the manager on duty saying "You need to call the owner Dede". I have never violated any rules, paid my dues upfront and in full, re-rack all my weights and pick up after others, so I feel as a valued gym member I would be given the benefit of the doubt. I couldn't even receive the decency for the owner to call me and simply say "Hey, who is this person you're letting into my gym? If it happens again I'm going to charge you $250 and lock you out for x amount of time" or to even call me and let me explain. I could understand if I let someone in 4-5 days a week and was exploiting the gym for some time and be treated this way, but it was TWO times and the first offense in over a year of membership with no prior incidents. I did call and I explained what was going on, but I was met with yelling and lecturing instead of an adult conversation when I called the owner up. I've read my contract and see what it says, but the same way the owner said "you should have called me and asked to bring a guest", you should have called me and explained why I was being charged instead of playing the game of charge the member $250, lock them out and then have them call me once they've taken time out of their day to figure out what heck happened. I was told how my losing $250 was nothing compared to her $30,000 in bills that she has. The end result was Dede keeping my $250 and trying to extort money from me by having my girlfriend sign up, then she would refund me after she pocketed a $720 gym membership out of her.

Now I'm out $250, have a remaining membership at a gym I do not wish to use any longer and they most likely will not let me break contract. The owner, Dede, then tried extorting money out of my girlfriend by having me tell her to sign up then she would refund the $250 penalty. Why would anyone want to deal with someone like this for another 12-18 months? Why should I refer anyone here when an owner acts in such a manner? You’re going to hold my money hostage unless I have someone sign up at your gym and give you more money? You’re committing extortion at this point, very professional. I'll just stick it out and once my contract is up along with my 6 friends I had sign up a year ago, we'll take our $4600 worth of renewals to Life Time Fitness in 5 months. Thank you for being so pleasant and easy to deal with, Dede.

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You broke the rules. The same rules you agreed to when you signed up. I feel no pity for you. I am a member and have been for years. We are all told the rules. We all know that our fob is only for the paying member. If she wanted to check it out, they would have given her a free week to try it out. She could have went as many times as she liked with no penalty to anyone. Your mistake, not their's.
Yet another case of someone crying that they were treated unfairly when in fact THEY are in the wrong and therefore at fault for the consequences they paid.
Anytime Wank
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1284392
They are just love money
their business strategy number 1.
!collect all the money from dumb muscle people.
they will get scared when saying it's illegal and you against the law of your agreement shxts...
They could have warn you first and explained you nice first.
but they just treated you like a dumb theif. How bad service... Very poor service and they are actually dumb muscle owner.
Fairfield, New South Wales, Australia #1279097
Which gym was this suburb?
This was a dumb complaint. You took a picture during sign ups for SECURITY REASONS. Of course they will watch ALL the cameras that they have in the stores while the staff are no longer in operation during the night. If your girlfriend wanted to see the gym, she could have gone on a tour herself like every other adult that is 18+ and is interested in private gyms that are 24 hours. If she went to the tour, she would even have had a 7 day pass for herself. The fact that you are blaming everything on the Gym and said "you didn't violate any of the rules in your 12+ months membership" is complete *** and childish lol. You break the rules, you get caught and you will face the consequences. You also agreed to a probably 2 year contract with the gym so you have no choice in breaking it, its called terms of agreement. Next time, just go to the playground where you and your little friends are allowed anytime (until it closes). Grow up!
Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1233155
So you violated the terms of your agreement, not once but twice, and are butthurt for being fined and held accountable for that violation? Do you understand that you agreed not to do the very thing you did on two different occasions? Do you understand that you agreed to the fines and penalties imposed if you get caught doing the very thing you agreed not to do? Do you understand that you are not entitled to ignore the rules at your discretion? Do you understand that you are not a child but will most certainly be treated like one when you choose to act like one?
Do you understand that YOU are in the wrong; not the gym, not management, and *** sure not the owner.
Grow up and get over yourself.
to Anonymous Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #1263644
Clearly these two responses are from the same person the same 4 letter word both have the same asterics and both have the same tone. really nobody cares either way
Los Angeles, California, United States #1219286
Thanks, was just about to consider this place too!
I would not do business with these liberal wankers.
You are a criminal, it is called theft of services.
Was going to sign up, not anymore...thanks for posting this.

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