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I have been a member for over a year and have paid all of my membership dues up front. I have never let anyone use my key or let someone else into the gym in my whole 12+ months of membership. With that said I let my girlfriend use my key TWICE out of my whole 12+ months of membership because she was relocating with me and thinking about switching gyms. We both work nights, so we use our gyms at night time which is past operating hours thus the reason for not being able to get permission for a guest to accompany me. I have no prior incidents or complaints from management in all of my 12+ months of membership. She just wanted to check out the gym and see what it had to offer and if she liked it, then she was going to sign up. She did like it and had every intention of signing up until what followed.

The events that followed were a $250 charge and being locked out of the gym with no explanation, phone call or warning from the owner or management. I was treated like a child and a criminal when I went to the gym and asked why I was locked out and not given any reason aside from the manager on duty saying "You need to call the owner Dede". I have never violated any rules, paid my dues upfront and in full, re-rack all my weights and pick up after others, so I feel as a valued gym member I would be given the benefit of the doubt. I couldn't even receive the decency for the owner to call me and simply say "Hey, who is this person you're letting into my gym? If it happens again I'm going to charge you $250 and lock you out for x amount of time" or to even call me and let me explain. I could understand if I let someone in 4-5 days a week and was exploiting the gym for some time and be treated this way, but it was TWO times and the first offense in over a year of membership with no prior incidents. I did call and I explained what was going on, but I was met with yelling and lecturing instead of an adult conversation when I called the owner up. I've read my contract and see what it says, but the same way the owner said "you should have called me and asked to bring a guest", you should have called me and explained why I was being charged instead of playing the game of charge the member $250, lock them out and then have them call me once they've taken time out of their day to figure out what heck happened. I was told how my losing $250 was nothing compared to her $30,000 in bills that she has. The end result was Dede keeping my $250 and trying to extort money from me by having my girlfriend sign up, then she would refund me after she pocketed a $720 gym membership out of her.

Now I'm out $250, have a remaining membership at a gym I do not wish to use any longer and they most likely will not let me break contract. The owner, Dede, then tried extorting money out of my girlfriend by having me tell her to sign up then she would refund the $250 penalty. Why would anyone want to deal with someone like this for another 12-18 months? Why should I refer anyone here when an owner acts in such a manner? You’re going to hold my money hostage unless I have someone sign up at your gym and give you more money? You’re committing extortion at this point, very professional. I'll just stick it out and once my contract is up along with my 6 friends I had sign up a year ago, we'll take our $4600 worth of renewals to Life Time Fitness in 5 months. Thank you for being so pleasant and easy to deal with, Dede.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You clearly violated the contract... It's your own fault?!


Exactly. It doesn't matter how long he was there or he only broke the rules twice. It's his own fault


So this is an old post but I still have to comment. What is wrong with all you people?

It used to be that when you purchase a gym membership you were able to bring a guest with you. And honestly who cares that he allowed his girlfriend to use the key twice. Had the owner talked to him this could have been handled in a much different way and probably would have ended in the gym owner not only keeping the current customer but also gaining his girlfriend as a customer also. Anytime fitness is a total rip off anyway.

You have to pay hundreds of dollars normally to get started plus pay 45 a month to be a member of this gym. Theres no family packages or discounts for more than one person in your household having a membership. For me my husband. My daughter and her boyfriend is nearly 200 dollars a month.

That's alot of money for my family to go to a gym and the reason that I dont jave a gym membership at the moment due to anytime being the only gym that's close by.

With what they charge a month you should be allowed to bring a guest at least once or twice a week. Or they should have packages for purchasing more than one membership.

@Better late then never

They care about the GF using the key because liability insurance for these gyms covers ONLY members. It's a simple insurance issue.

If she comes in as a non-member without permission and gets hurt it is 100% on the gym....no insurance.

Break the rules, get consequences. Tough I know.

@Better late then never

She should have used the 7 day free trial. Also, prices and discounts vary by location so you can't say Anytime Fitness is a rip off.


You should let me shart in your mouth everytime you break the gym rules


Allowing another member to use your card is fraud. Doing it again is stupidity. You should be arrested.


That's like trusting somebody with a key to your house and they pass it off to some person you don't know. I think it was nice of them to offer to use the penalty fee as part of her membership cost. It doesn't matter if you were a good member for 1 month or 10 years you broke the rules, and a serious one at that.


Sitting at home and continuing to not go to a gym just got a lot easier.


If you let someone use your key fob you are breaking the rules.


Your an idiot. Damn right they wanted money.

If you want to get down to brass tax. You are a criminal. Well a thief that’s for sure. Any drop key gym will not allow you to pass off your pass key to anyone else.

Your the member dummy not them. It’s an insurance issue kook.


you sound like a square




Yes, you did break the rules, but the manner in which the gym owner behaved is completely unprofessional and childish. I would definitely cancel my membership and refuse to pay a *** cent to break contract. Threaten to take it to small claims court, they'll most likely puss out since it would cost them about as much in court fees as the amount they are attempting to extort from you.


You're an idiot. The owner was not unprofessional nor childish.

The member is unprofessional and childish for breaking the rules twice and throwing a tantrum for getting the consequences.

Professional adults enforce the rules and put business first. The owner was simply protecting herself.



This is ridiculous. I've no idea where you get your sense of entitlement from.

Your contract with the gym is between YOU and the gym. Consideration (gym usage) is extended only to you when the contract was made. NOT your girlfriend. When you brought her in it was essentially fraud/trespassing.

Complete nonsense that you think you should be allowed to get away from it just because you "never violated any rules, paid your dues upfront and in full, rerack all [your] weights and pick up after others". " I'm glad you know those are your "dues" so i don't know why you would expect to get some benefit just because you paid them "upfront and in full" (my toes laughed as I read that). And did anywhere in your contract say that you will be allowed to violate the terms if you simply pick up after others? If yes please tell me where your gym is at because I'd like to go there and pick up weights too then invite my family, friends, colleagues, teammates and past classmates to the gym too.

You should be glad they didn't call the police on you.

In fact, I'm glad too, I wouldn't want the prison to have to deal with people like you.

I can already imagine you demanding that your cellmate be released with you if you get released on the basis of good behaviour. "I always picked up the soap bars!!".


That is what you get when you steal, you paid for yourself to enter the gym not your girl friend. Would it be ok to say that you went to Walmart everyday for a year and only stole 2 items, no!

It is dishonest and you should put yourself in the shoes of the owner, you are taking money out of his pocket. If someone took money from your paycheck I am sure you would be upset too no matter how few of times it occurred.

@Gym Owner

Lol still childish how much did her little if even 1 hour overnight workout cost the owner.. hardly anything.

Plus idk about you but I don’t spend more then 20 minutes in Walmart. But I’ll spend 2 hours at the gym. You can compare a gym to a retail store. 2 very different things.

If I pay 50 a month for a membership and I decide to let a friend I shouldn’t have to even get looked at funny. I commit to this gym. And I pay my hard earned cash to go lift weights in peace. I could understand if I paid $10 a month like planet fitness but no I’m paying high dollar for one extra benefit free weights.

And you’re not stealing because you scan the key. Especially if she just walked around to look at the stuff.

Point is we pay way more at anytime Fitness like 4x more. I can take my money else where because I know 100% that the franchise gyms don’t make crap without their current gym members referring people and I definitely won’t refer someone To a gym that acts so childish and imature.


Wow, you really didn't understand that analogy at all.


You're an idiot. You clearly don't know what childish means.

The owner was not unprofessional nor childish. The member is unprofessional and childish for breaking the rules twice and throwing a tantrum for getting the consequences.

Professional adults enforce the rules and put business first. The owner was simply protecting herself.