Orillia, Ontario

My Anytime Fitness contract ended months ago and I cancelled today. I still have to pay the next 30 days installment.

Plus theyve been ripping me off since Ontario passed the 'no unattended tanning law', I've been paying for it anyway apparently even though Amanda (assistant manager) told me she removed it months ago. Big argument with the Manager basically ends in him saying he makes his own charge rules its in the contract he didnt produce to show me when asked and I'm SOL. Anytime its not even about the 41$ its the fact that your service is poor and you are actually scamming your members.

If you pay for the first 30 days of service the day you sign up, then you pay for another 30 days after you cancel you have paid for a nonexistent month of 'service'. Especially after converting from a contract to month to month basis.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Anytime fitness Pros: 24 hour tanning.

Anytime fitness Cons: Being ripped off, Made up fees.

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This is not a cancellation fee. It is 30 days notice.

Get a clue! This applies to most things in life including rent.


Thirty days notice does not add on another month's rent to a rental agreement Anonymous! Obviously you work for Anytime!

Get a clue! It's a scam! Anytime won't accept a 30-day notice until AFTER the membership EXPIRES which ADDS another 30-day PAYMENT! This does NOT apply to most things in life!!



Man you are dumb. It say's NO FEE on the photo!


Lol, I've been a member with Anytime off and on through the years with my work travels. There's always a 30 day notice, with one last draft.

(I find this true with most fitness clubs) Example at the end of your 12 month membership, if you wish it to end and not auto renew to "open-ended". Then you give your "30 day notice on month 11" Wa-la!