Kotara, New South Wales

I had changed my bank details so went into Kotara anytime as my account was late.

I advised the staff member that i wanted to pay my late membership and to update my bpay details.

I paid my bill and give him my new details, new account and new phone number.

I then moved to the ACT and assumed for the next two months that the membership was coming out of my account, I had a broken ankle so wasn't using the gym.

2 weeks ago i was cleared to return to the gym tried useing my key however was unable up, so went into my new local gym to check was informed that my bill was overdue? And to pay my bill i needed to contact my " home" gym Kotara, I called Kotara 4 times everyday for a week and a half left voice messages each time always within staff hours and NEVER had a call back. I also sent several facebook messages to Kotara anytime with the facebook page reading them all over a few days and only replying once after 10 messages telling me to call ( i did and again no response).

I had finally had enough so went back into my new local gym and begged them to help, They called kotrara and get a response straight away! I paid my bill but was advised i have to pay an extra $100 for late payment, I find this extremely unfair as i had updated my details and the staff member obviously didnt do his job.

The customer service was terrible, I had planned on getting some friends here to join anytime with me however with the way kotara treated me and then the $100 fee becuse they stuffted up i will not be recommending anytime to ANYONE

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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