Grand Rapids, Michigan
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I joined anytime fitness a few months ago under the impression I would get to use my membership anywhere. I have back problems and had to stop use of my membership, but kept paying.

Recently I decided to go back to the gym and try to do it again, knowing I could use my membership anywhere. Driving past my anytime fitness I realized it had changed names. This is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Plainfield Site. I felt this totally was against the contract I signed allowing me to use the gyms anywhere I could find them. After 2 weeks of attempting to contact the store I contact ABCFinancial, and basically get told im SOL unless I can get ahold of the gym.

Finally I get a hold of the gym, basically being told I'm bound to my contract regardless of the change of names and utility. The gym "owner" told me he was a lawyer when I told him if I was billed again I would take legal action.

I may be sitting on a 400+ bill soon, but when I take it to my local better business bureau and contact a lawyer, maybe theyll just decide to cancel my debt with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I started to look for reviews for anytime fitness because there is one opening up in Wyoming, MI, on 44th/Burlingame, a little bit of a drive but at least you will be able to use your membership. And thanks for the warnings, I will not be joining.


Being a Employee of this scam of a company i have seen how the frachise *** over the owners and how the owners *** over there employees and members. there is a reason why the club managers dont care about there job and its the wage $8.00 per hour, WTF. in most Anytime Fitness locations they go through managers like fat people go through cake, the reason for this is because they pay the manager $8.00 per hour to do all of the following just to name a few; the managers have to deal with all kinds of complaints exactly like the ones you see on these types of websites, clean gym, fix anything that breaks (and mind you this owners are so *** cheap you will need your own tools to fix something you may have never tried to before because they "cant afford to have a professional fix the electrical work on the treadmill") so they would rather use cheap mexican labor (managers) to fix and if they cant its there fault its broke (nevermind the fact that since they dont know what they are doing they might get seriously hurt), any local advertising around your area is done by the manager(with there own gas money), the managers are also required to work more than 40hrs per week which is great because in the employee manual it says any hours over 40 you will be paid time & a half for, EXCEPT they refuse to pay any overtime, then when summer comes they cut your hours. these bastards are a joke. a little advice to anyone who wants it if you ever (dont know why) decide to work for these frauds. get everything they promise you IN WRITING. including RAISES (i've been working at a club for 2yrs plus, and still have never recieved a raise), vacation days (if your one of the lucky ones like me you get a whole 4 days off per year, 4th of july, labor day, christmas DAY, memorial day), dont forget they will expect you to also use all your gas to go to business expo's meetings conventions that you might have to stay overnight for. (and yes you will be paying for your own room). BOTTOM LINE NEVER WORK FOR THIS COMPANY IF YOU CAN AT ALL HELP IT.


they will take your money and every last once of self respect you got


It's all about making $$$. Customer service and member satisfaction are thrown out the window with this business model, especially when it is time to resign.

Like many other 24 hour club franchisees, they got sucked into a franchise and are learning the hard way about how challenging the fitness industry can be. The corporates are making BANK while franchisees are failing miserably. Recession proof? RIGHT!

Profitable? RIGHT! Easy? RIGHT!

If they are performing business like this, they must be close to going under. Hear that? It's the circling sound around the drain. Won't be long now!


Your owner is an attorney?

You hit the motherlode! Good luck!