Camano Island, Washington

To whom this may concern:

Cancel our Service immediately. Per my conversation with Pete my bank account will be charged on March 2nd a final payment of 67.00 and canceled immediately with no future charges or monies owed. I never agreed nor did i sign a contract extension for 2 yrs this was a 1 yr verbal agreement with Katie (Owner) and was made very clear per the pricing being provided it was a 1 yr deal. Again there is no signature on file for any agreement or extension for us to have been in a contract for additional 2 yrs. The Pricing provide was due to me being unemployed and the down turn in the Economy. We have for well over a month been trying to get this resolved but have had many excuse with conformation from the employee's that there is no signature on file for any 2 yr Contract/Agreement extension. The only signature on file was the original Contract/Agreement when we originally started service. We were not provided a courteous response other than pay this bill and this is the only option available to you. Considering we have no contract in place I find this a complete unsatisfactory options considering we have been told over and over all we had to do was provide in writing a letter of cancellation and it was done. We have found this was completely untrue. We are very dissatisfied as to the way this was handled and the response to our many calls and email to their Financial Support. That where never responded to until I had to say if this matter is not resolved by Monday the 27th you give me no other choice to put a stop payment on the auto draft for our bank account for our Anytime Gym billing. Then we get a call from Pete saying to contact Katie regarding his options left to voicemail pay this and else. The only reason we are agreeing to the pay option provided is we do not have time to take this matter to court so it was much easier to pay. We will NEVER do any business with Any Anytime Fitness going forward.

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Yes it may be in the contract but they should also explain what's goin to happen when you get your membership. I am unable to just take my other person on my account off and he never signed the contract. I'm willing to keep mine, but no where in the contract did it say I wouldn't be able to take the other person off especially since they never signed.


:x Just the contract.