Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin

I joined an Anytime Fitness in Prairie du Sac, WI mid-October. Attended ONE time during 2 week trial.

Have not gone once since then. Called to cancel in mid-January. Was told I could suspend membership for up to 3 months until my schedule allowed me to come to the gym, OR transfer my membership, but new person has to join for 12 months and pay my rate plus pay a $49 transfer fee, OR cancel for a fee of $250 plus I would lose my final monthly payment of $46.00; that is used as a security deposit - for what I don't know. IF I stay on I only owe approximately another $380 for the remainder of my membership (through Oct.

2016). I think he forgot to include the extra $30 each member is required to pay towards new equipment every year... I have 3 year old twins (plus) and a husband who has an on call job. If you cannot guarantee you will have the time to go to the gym, save yourself the time and the hassle and ALOT OF MONEY and don't join.

They have no sympathy for any circumstances but death. The guy who owns the club I went to once, Andrew Gundlach, owns 28 franchises in WI. I am pretty sure my money means less to him than my single income family of five.

I was a fool. Don't be one too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You had a contract, just like with a cellphone, and there are terms and conditions. You can't make up new terms on your own.


Your right she had a contract. It's called a BS contract.

They know all their hidden fees, payments and deposits are BS but put them there anyway because the lawyers say they can. It's ultimately bad business because it is not customer centric but dollar focused.