Wausau, Wisconsin

My son and I joined anytime fitness last January in the Weston Location. I have no complaints about the Weston or Wausau location butI do have complaints about the anytime fitness procedures.

My son went to North Dakota last August for 1 month and then went to volunteer his time in New Orleans, New York and New Jersey for the huricanes. He kept his membership open in case he could use it out there. He never used it again until he came back to Wisconsin in December. He went in to cancel in January at the Weston Location and she said it's cancelled.

Ten days later they pulled his $40 fee out of my checking account. I called and was informed his membership was transfered to North Dakaota and he would have to go there to cancel. Then She said he could write a letter and mail it only. I told her i have my own account and i do not want them pulling my money and want my money back.

She basically told me too back it's his account. I went back into the Weston office and she is new and very sweet and said yeah, she could now see they transfered it. So basically you can work out of town and they have the right to transfer your membership to a club with different rules. The Weston club is just a verbal cancel.

He had no idea his membership has transfered without his knowledge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I just sign up for the one in Ocala on 200 -- already regreat they need to have the same rules like YMCA & brick. City busy hours only 30 minuts on cardio because people stay there for over an hour passing on the treadmill wating for the show to finish on tv so other stay watIng for nothing bad bad. Place I do not reconend to anyone


Wish I had know that before I sign up, didn't know the only way you can get your membership cancel is by moving 30 miles away from a anytime fitness center or death. this place sux, do not recommended :( anytime fitness to anyone.