Calgary, Alberta
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I cancelled my member ship and I gave them the 30 days notice but it ha been 3 months that I have been charged for different excuses, one of them was we did not received the new documentation of the new address and the cancellation did not go through.

this is while the manager sent me an email confirming the cancellation has been completed.

The last excuse was quite shocking- The paper work took 3 month.

I gave my notice on paper on mid June but I have been charged up to the end of October!

I talked to a lawyer and I have been told that I got a good case to win.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You can contact your bank of the charges and send them a copy of your cancelation, the bank will go after them for fraudulent charges. I'm canceling mine today and if they do the same thing I will be contacting my bank as well as the BBB.


You didn't talk to your lawyer. You have no damages.

All you are owed is simple out of pocket.

Drop the act.

But you can get all $90 back in small claims court. If you take your written cancellation and show it to a judge you'll get a judgement plus court costs.