Saint Clairsville, Ohio
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i joined the gym in St. Clairsville Ohio in december 2014 i was not working full time when i joined the gym.

I just got moved up to full time at my job. I work 7p-3a with 2 hours of travel time to work. I went in today to cancel my membership since I dont have time to go anymore. The owner was very rude when I told him I wanted to cancel.

I emailed the company a few months back wanting to cancel because I was not using it. I was told by the company in May I could close if I paid 1/2 the remaining balance. I decided to keep it (I might find time to go again in the summer). needless to say I did not use it.

When I tried to cancel today the owner wanted the full balance and I was treated very poorly. I would not let my worst enemy join this club

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: do what you say.

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Dear Anonymous,I'm guessing your the owner.Bad business. Bad business man.I'm sure you won't last. Good luck


So because you didn't use it, and were expected to pay the amount you owed to cancel it is somehow the company's fault? You are so entitled and still feel the outdated "customer is always right" mentality will carry you through life.

Sadly that isn't how life works, and you need to pay for your responsibilities. I hate how customers assume their lack of use entitles them to refunds or automatic cancellations. For example if you buy a car, it breaks down, you still have to make the payment. Why is it the impression that gyms aren't real businesses with legal contracts that have to be followed?

I wish everyone could read this as a wake up call. Read your *** contracts.

If you manage to bully your way out then all you have to thank is luck or the generosity of the owner. Not your "right."



You should always honor the 1 year contract


I am also having the same problems with this *** of a company. Upon signing up I was told that I could cancel at any time after putting it in writing with 4 weeks notice.

I have been trying to cancel for months, having been fobbed off with putting it on a freeze twice and free 1-1 training sessions. I still do not have time to go, nor can I afford the payments.

Now there is a new manager, she informs me the cancellation information I was told was incorrect and that I now need to pay $50 cancellation fee + 1 month's payment. A bloody ***!

I would not recommend this company to anyone.