Policy on the internet is that to cancel one must submit in writing that you are terminating and include why and pay a $50 termination fee. NOT TRUE!!!!!

This is a lie. They make you finish your contract even if having the gym membership is a financial hardship or you moved (both of which is true). They don't care. They will keep processing your payment until it goes through and then throw a $19.50 fee on top of it.

Customer service and concern my butt.

Everything you read on the internet it true. Don't fall for the gimics and lower monthly fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $432.

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If you signed a contract, you signed a contract. No one forced you to sign it.

If you can't take responsibility for a gym membership contract, why should anyone else take the responsibility for you? They can't control that any of you guys moved away, and if I moved away from my current Anytime Fitness I would definitely keep in mind that I signed a contract involving a lot of money.

I don't think it's fair that you guys expect to get your way when you were the ones to break the written contract. Do you also take out loans for cars and decided 5 months into it that maybe it was the wrong decision yet you have 3 years left to pay?


Yup! I have a severe financial hardship and am having problems paying when that money could go elsewhere, and I asked and even though I relocated from the gym I signed up at...because there is one down the road, I cannot cancel. I'm instead getting charged $30+ a month for a membership I haven't used in over 6 months.


I can back this up, i just got a letter from a debt collection agency demanding i back pay for the last 3 months even though i moved 1000km away

the Anytime itself has told me even if i pay that they will keep taking the money every month