Overland Park, Kansas
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I went to cancel my membership today and was told it would be 30 day notice. Off putting but fine.

So then I am told I will be charged again in 25 days from now for an additional month. I asked them to prorate it and the kid (manager) didn't know what that meant. I then explained it to him and said it is not in the contract. I said charging me for an additional month was not in the contract.

so we read it over and it isn't. So i asked to speak with the owner and got a HUGE run around.

I am pissed and screwed. I wanted to quit this place because the bathrooms were never cleaned and the staff was unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Please read the post "BEND OVER,EVERYTIME,ANYTIME" below to read about one of these so called "not corporate" franchisees. The truth is quite painful for owners stuck with a business model that is a loser.

I feel for the innocent ones who were deceived into this investment and hold no compassion for those like "not from corporate" below who represent it as profitable and enjoyable. Unless they just opened last week, they know better!


So what color is the sky in your world...you really think they are worried about a pissant like you?


I was wondering when Anytime Fitness corporate would get around to posting something here....I am not the one with the inconsistent franchisees, illegal business model, exorbitant franchise fees and extremely unhappy franchisees. I'll get new material when you, corporate, correct these flaws before sucking more victims into this unsustainable business model.


No one wants to see your copy and paste comments for every reply...hey actually no one wants to hear from you period.


Anytime is the right time to bend over! All owners of Anyime Fitness franchises attended and "graduated" from Anytime University and may have been directly trained by Chuck Runyon.

Several Anytime Fitness franchisees have left members high and dry as well as not honoring the franchise policies. They got screwed and they are just "paying it forward". Chuckie has taught them well...


The owners of 24 hour club franchises got sucked into it and are learning the hard way about how weak the Anytime Fitness business model is and how much corporate support they will not receive. As soon as they realize they cannot break even and will be subsidizing the business and see no end in sight, the real fun begins for the members! Corporates are making BANK while franchisees are wiping out. Recession proof?

RIGHT! Profitable? RIGHT! Easy?

RIGHT! Hear that? It's the circling sound around the drain.

Won't be long now for a lot of these 24 hour fitness club franchisees!

To learn more about Anytime Fitness and their business practices, go to "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" at BlueMauMau.