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Anytime Fitness in Prescott Valley, Arizona is a large facility that needs cleaning, updating, upkeeping of machinery and staff that work instead of play on their cellphones and Facebook. I spoke with many other members that were disillusioned with how the business is run.

Many have come to the same conclusion that the owner of the business has a well oiled machine, lots of members and lots of money. Why do too much to fix the gym and clean it more. THe owner found out that I was disappointed in the gym and that I had talked to others who were also frustrated. Since I know him well he decided to pull me aside and tell me that he didn't need my business if I wasn't saying good things about the gym.

He never asked what he could do to improve but embarressed me and bullied me by saying he didn't need my business.

This is horrible business ethics for a store owner to threaten someone with the possibility of the need to go somewhere else. I did leave and he no longer has my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Facility.

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I agree too. I feel sorry for a supervisor that tell someone who is paying to leave.

How weird. I am glad this was on here because we too have decided against this gym.


yeah, the owner, Jonathan is like a robot-does what the wife tells him to do...


I will tell you one thing, the owners wife is a real wack job! I don't think Jonathan is the one who runs the gym. His wife runs the gym and him LOL!

@Jeremiah Foster

I agree! The wife is quite crazy!

@Jon Keegan

lol! I thought the wife was weird.

I noticed that she walks around that place acting like she's God's gift to mankind. I wonder if she'll ever be aware that she's far from that!!!!:)




DO NOT GO THERE! Terrible social skills from staff and always dirty.

@Anytime Fitness in Prescott Va

I've noticed that the staff employed there really don't go to any effort to even say hello! Way back quite a few years ago, there was a cute little blonde haired girl working there.

She worked out there a lot too. Sweet kid. Think her name was Kari or Karen. In any case, that was the only employee that seemed to have great communication skills, cleaned well, always had a smile on her face and always remembered my name.

I think if that had more people employed like her I would have stayed.....Don't know what happened to her. The good ones always know what's best and move on from s place like that!


Judy, I recently ran into that girl. Her name is Carrie.

We knew her well. She's doing well. She's a free-lance graphic designer for a magazine, says she works from home now. She said she has a little boy who is almost 3, two other young boys who are a close family member's and a foster child who is 16.

I asked her if she'd ever think about getting her job back at the gym and then she told me she was working from home.

You're right, someone like her does make it worth while to step foot into a business! Joan