Iowa City, Iowa
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My husband and I have been financially stretched, so we are looking for ways to cut back on spending. I called our club yesterday in North Liberty, IA and was told I'd just have to pay $50 for each membership to cancel....

When I went in today to cancel it was almost $500, because I have to pay off the contracts. This is BULL ***. What a rip off company. I was told if I was moving out of the radius it would only be the $50, SERIOUSLY!?!?!?

So if someone looses their job, and have no means to pay their bills, they have to pay the $500 but moving would be ok??? Wow, no words for how pissed, upset and disappointed I am in this company. I hope they enjoy ripping people off left and right.

I will NEVER give them a good review or recommendation, and I plan on telling everyone I know what kind of company they really are. All they care about is the money, not actually helping people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $478.

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I had problems with that place, too. The midget manager hides during business hours.

The equipment is new but it's cheap. Pay $25/month and go to the NL Rec center.

Older equipment but good brands that work. DO NOT get a membership at the NL Anytime Fitness!


Contract or not, circumstances change. I am a furloughed employee and cannot get this cancelled.

That is BS!


What happened to the days of being able to cancel a membership. Its ridiculous.

This is why I'm hessitant to join them. If I get tired of going I should be able to cancel and pay a cancellation fee, not the entire balance.


Really, though. You signed a contract. You can't really be mad at them for you breaking it.


Didn't you sign a contract? Did you read it or just sign away?