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I went to Anytime Fitness in Benbrook Texas on May 12th to get a 7-Day pass. The guy that helped me on May 12th name was Joseph.

When I returned on May 22nd to return the fob there was a new guy there named Daniel Jennings. Daniel gave me a business card with his name on it and it says travel gym. Daniel told me that Joseph was no longer working at Anytime Fitness. Daniel was a fast talker and told me he could give me a special on a two-year membership.

All the prices that Joseph originally quoted to me Daniel said he could give me a special. Daniel convinced me to take a 2 year contract I was charged $111 upfront for membership dues, processing fee, security activation fee and then a dollar for Anytime Health membership fee. Daniel told me if anyone asked I received a personal health assessment and that is how I receive the discount. I did not receive a personal health assessment.

Daniel rushed me through the contract and I did read it. I read the front page and I asked Daniel if there was a fee to cancel the membership and he told me to my face no. On the back of the contract it does talk about a contract cancellation fee but Daniel told me to my face that there is no contract cancellation fee. I really felt a little uncomfortable at this time as we were constantly interrupted by other guests and Daniel was rushing me.

He got my debit bank card information and the money in the amount of $111 was deducted from my bank account on May 24th. I did not use the gym. On June 1st I received a phone call from Daniel from the Anytime Fitness facility in Benbrook Texas. I was unable to answer my phone so Daniel called my boyfriend, as I had listed him on my contract as a contact person, and he told my boyfriend that he needed my routing number and checking account information.

I do have the voicemail saved on my telephone when Daniel called me asking for additional information from my bank account. At this time I really did feel like something was not right with this contract and that maybe I am being scammed. I called Daniel on June 2nd and I verbally told him that I wish to cancel my contract which was approximately 12 Days Later. Daniel told me he would cancel my contract and he asked me for my debit card bank card information again.

He told me there was a problem with the contract and that's why he was asking for my checking account information period I don't believe that to be true. I entered the Anytime Fitness facility at 4 p.m. on Monday June 5th I spoke with Daniel and I gave him a written letter requesting my cancellation and requesting my $111 back because I did not use the gym and I felt like something is not right with this gym contract. Daniel told me that I might as well keep the contract because I am going to be charged a fee of $100 to cancel my contract after he lied to my face and told me there was no cancellation fee.

There was a young lady in the office when I went there on June 5th at 4 p.m. so I just left the cancellation letter with him and told him I would get back with him on tomorrow June 6th as I did not want to start any drama in front of the lady that was present. It seems to me that the lady present in the office was a friend of his or maybe family not a guest of the facility or member of the facility.

I do not trust Daniel Jennings I'm not sure what kind of scam he has going on. I would like to talk to someone I want my money back period I have discussed it with my bank and I have put in a dispute for the $111 taken from my account via my bank debit card period I am sending a certified cancellation letter and complaint letter to ABC Financial Services Incorporated and I'm sending an additional certified letter to the club number 3003 8905 US Highway 377 Suite C & D Benbrook Texas.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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