We signed up for the 18 month contract with Anytime. I also included the tanning on this membership. We specifically signed up for one with a good tanning bed so I could go there and tan while still going to any Anytime to workout. I started going to the Anytime by my work because it was quicker and easier to get to for a daily workout. After 30 days, my contract automatically switched over to this location and would no longer let me use the tanning bed at the other gym, which was a better bed.

Not only will it no longer let me use the better bed, it is still charging me $20 a month for tanning when tanning at my new location is only $10 a month since the bed is *** They won't let me change the contract or delete the tanning from it. They also never informed me that going to a different gym would switch my contract from location to location.

I now pay $20 a month for something I can't use. And unfortunately that is not our only problem. My boyfriend works construction and is now traveling for work. He frequently spends time away from home staying closer to where he works. There is not an Anytime Fitness within 20 miles of where he is currently staying. However, because his home address has not changed, they won't allow him to cancel his contract.

So not only are we paying the extra $20 for tanning that I cannot use, we are paying the extra $40 a month for his contract that he cannot use. I would recommend to NEVER sign up with this company! They are not customer friendly at all. Find a different gym even if you have to pay more because the headaches you get from this company are not worth the time!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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As far as your husband working out of town. Of course he cannot cancel because the agreement states that your address has to change due to moving.

I know that my Anytime Fitness will freeze accounts in situations like this. Just remember to ask what is to be expected when freezing an agreement.


I think the problem here is that these gyms are franchise based. I asked the same question upon signup and it's actually clearly explained in the contract.

There is something called membership reciprocity. Meaning if you are paying dues to your home gym, but frequently leverage the services of another gym, that other gym doesn't see a dime.

If your usage becomes more than your home gym then your contract reserved the right to transfer the membership. Therefore reciprocity is given to the gym where you're frequently utilizing services, but not really paying for (since your fee's goto your home gym).