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After reading the other reviews, all I can say is "Thank God I'm not the only one!" I feel like I'm about to turn into the Incredible Hulk and go haywire on these pompous and smug bastards. When I signed up I was obligated to sign a one year contract.

I told the "Manager"(LOL!) that I would be moving in about 8 months and that I don't want to sign up unless there is an Anytime to where I'm moving. He told me that there was, and I signed up. Well, I have now moved to my new location and the Anytime in this town has closed(I wonder why). Due to the extenuiating circumstances I would think they would have an understanding for their customers.

Nope, I was definitely wrong about that. They want to charge me a cancellation fee and I can't get refunded for the time that I haven't been able to use their services. If you like being nickel and dimed for every thing and getting the shaft, then Anytime Shitness is for you......All of this is just the icing on the cake. The other reviews say the rest.

When I was going to sign up and I got the feeling that I'm talking to a used car salesman I should have known.

I signed the contract, drove off the lot, and then the engine blew up. UGGGHHHH!!!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I feel you man. I signed a year contract and was transferred 150 miles away after 6 months.

They have refused to honor the cancellation policy therefore I cancelled my debit card.

Now I get 4-5 harrassing calls a day, emails, and now they are threatening me with legal action. BRING IT ON ***!!!!


Actually......You should re-read my post, because I feel that I've explained everything you're commenting on already. No duh they aren't used car salesmen.

I was referring to the used car salesman analogy to explain how sleazy the guy was.

I've been going to a gym since I was 12 years old, I think I have a better understanding of the positive benefit that it has; Instead of some punk who only knows about working out through a magazine or book. You sound like you work for anytime fitness.


The corporate shill or franchisee posting below poo poo's the situation just like the rest at Anytime. Corporate oversight?

N/A Billing oversight? N/A Fairness? N/A Ethical? N/A Overcharging, deception, embellishment,etc.

VERY AVAILABLE! SPRINT the other direction!


Actually....they aren't a use car salesman. Because they aren't trying to sell you a car.

They are gym salesmen. So they're trying to sell you gym and a service that has the potential to benefit you in a very positive way. The agreement you signed states that if you move over 30 miles away there is a $50.00 cancellation fee. They should have explained that to you when you signed up.

Honestly, if it were me 'managing' the gym, would have just signed you up for seven months at a $45.00 a month rate and called it a day.

Sorry it went so bad. : /