Fort Myers, Florida
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I am a lifetime member of a gym 2 miles from my home. I have been going to the gym 1/2 mile from my home. It says on the internet that I can use any gym anywhere in any country with my membership.

Well that is a lie.........seems to me they have a lot of problems after viewing this complaint board.......

I started getting phone calls form someone at the gym closest to me. The first on i was in the change rooma and said it was not convenient to talk right then. He blathered on about my membership. I interupted him again and said if he would call me back later in the aft I could talk to him then. He interupted me again trying to talk to me about my membership. I said I am in the change room in KMart and hung up. ***...didn't say that just he is an ***.

I was driving a couple of days later and he called again. I said I was in my car and don't use my cell phone in the car. He said he wanted to talk to me about my membership. I said I have a membership and I can use it anywhere as stated 3 times on Anytimes web pages. I hung up.

Why this *** didn't approach me the 60 times I was in the gym I will never know. he had tried in all to call me 7 times in a week. On my cell phone not my home phone number.........thanks ***. My cell phone does not have an answering machine on it. The *** - Bryan from Anytime Fitness on MacGregor in Ft. Myers fl has now deemed it necessary with his brilliance, to lock me out of the gym that I pay for...........

So I sent an e mail to anytime fitness who in their amazing offices can't even take the time to address my issues. They know they don't have a case as it would be false advertising.

So now I am going to the corporate offices. Send all your e mails or write a letter to their corporate offices maybe then the big jerks earning the big bucks will pay attention to what is going on in their facilities. We should start a class action suit against these false claims. I have a valid contract. so what is their problem?????

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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It sounds like you didn't call him back if he kept calling you.