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I cannot express how angry I am with this company, I warn all of those who are thinking about joining. I joined Anytime Fitness in Cambridge Ontario last December.

I was rushed into signing the paperwork, the manager Nicole Baker telling me that it was a cheap deal at 45$ and it may not be available later on. I told her my two most important things in a gym were to be able to bring a gym buddy, as they let you do at World Gym, and not have to remember to cancel my membership, instead end it within a year. She told me that all of this was available at this gym. I asked her again just to make sure "so I can bring a friend anytime I want, and in a year the membership will be cancelled" she confirmed, and I signed.

I'll admit I didn't look over the contract, but I was so naive, she seemed nice and professional, WHY would she lie. I brought a friend a couple of times, and Nicole was insistent on getting him to join. I thought she was being friendly, after a few more time, her friendliness turned into being pushy. Again he did not join.

About four weeks later she confronted me and told me my friend can no longer come, and that it was just a special deal, and she was nice enough to offer me something that no one else got to do for a while, BUT I can bring in different friends for a bit it just can't be the same one (clearly so that she could get them to join as well). I was beyond pissed, I tried to tell her that I was very clear in what I wanted in a gym and she told me that it was allowed here. She turned to me and said it was in the contract and you signed it, he can't come anymore, and walked away. My face turned so red I was SO angry.

I went to the office trying to find someone else to talk to, the other girl there was very nice but she told me she could not do anything about it, Nicole was the manager. I didn't go back, mostly because I felt disrespected, I wasn't being rude so why was she? She could have explained it to me in a nicer way, or at least apologized for the misunderstanding. Anyways, I didn't go and come December my contract was supposed to be done.

In January 2016 I got charged, and in February again. I called them, and they told me that apparently I signed the spot where it said that I would like to renew my membership after a year, I tried to explain that I was rushed and was told where to sign without being given this information, why would I sign this spot if I was told what it was, when the TWO things I wanted in a gym included NOT automatically continuing my membership. Unfortunately I can't get my money back. I trusted this manager, and I was an *** for signing without reading but this company is not to be trusted, if you do join read every sentence, every word, and don't buy what they're selling without careful consideration.

I am joining World Gym, although farther in distance from where I live...

it's worth it, at least they tell you how it is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Im having similar issues with this gym...they gave me a free referral year which turned out to be 10 months and when i tried to cancel they signed agreement but kept taking money out. So i went in again and cancelled again and told no im being told by club manager andrew that since i autorenewed i need to pay for another two months...worse experience ever...and he basically threatened to make me pay for the whole supposed free year.


Of course not, why would they let your friend get a free membership?


Same thing happened to me a rush job on part of the anytime fitness person, who was signing me up . They say one thing to get you to sign , then turn around and tell you they didn't say that. Tyler ,Texas 64W location.Not locally owned either.