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I posted the following review on Yelp - http://www.yelp.com/biz/anytime-fitness-alpharetta?hrid=2_4K_qenr1WTPQqRwcUk6A

and was subsequently banned from their facility.

Prior to leaving this review, I addressed my issue with CarolAnn Fitzpatrick (co-owner) over 2 months ago.

This gym is owned by Jeremy and CarolAnn Fitzpatrick. We were members for over a year. Everything was fine until personal trainer Susannah had a baby and decided to bring her infant (now toddler) child to the gym with her while she works with clients. This child is a normal child, screaming at the top of his lungs while I am trying to do Yoga.

The official policy of the gym is that members are not allowed to bring in guests without authorization from the gym owners. So why are personal trainers allowed to bring their children while they work with clients (and are getting paid)?

We sent CarolAnn and Jeremy Fitzpatrick an email the first time this incident happened and the response was, "we have spoken to Susannah previously regarding having her baby at her Training sessions…we have told her that she may need to cancel her PT classes if there is continuous crying or some other disorder in the gym."

Over 2 months after my initial email, the rules continue to be broken by personal trainer, Susannah.

I posted this review on Yelp and promptly received the following email from Anytime Fitness

Congratulations Caroline! By your actions today, you have succeeded in exploiting a child and shown how belittling and intolerant you are of others! If that was your goal you have certainly succeeded. The mother of the child whose picture you posted on a public website did not give you permission to take the picture. That is called exploitation of a minor.

Also, the comments you wrote on FB were entirely unnecessary. We noticed you had already transferred to another gym. This is no longer your home gym. Please do not try to return. You key fob has now been blocked.

Others have brought your poor behavior to our attention on many occasions, and we have told them to overlook it. Perhaps we should have told them to post your tantrums on FB and YELP as well.

As for disturbing your yoga. If you are truly into yoga, you should be able to do it anywhere. That's what the discipline is for.

CarolAnn Denton-Fitzpatrick

CFO/Co-Owner, Fitzpatrick enterprises Fitness, Inc.

Review about: Anytime Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


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Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #1338665

I work out at this gym all the time...I have never seen any screaming kids at Anytime Fitness.

The gym owners Jeremy & CarolAnn are very nice and personable.

Sometimes the trainers bring there kids but they are never screaming & crying.The gym is also the cleanest gym I've ever been to!

to Jim Jakobson9 #1409210

You are a personal friend, it sounds like, and ready to defend them no matter what.

Magna, Utah, United States #1328472

This is a sad situation.I am a former Anytime owner.

We had a trainer that brought a child in while training as well. However, the child affected the rest of the members' experience. We had to discontinue the permission.

We didn't have child care, and it is an adult facility.I don't have all the facts here, but I do believe the child (and/or trainer) should have stayed home for the good of the other, paying clients.

to Anonymous #1409204

I agree!


While I Don't think you should take pictures of other people's children without their permission, I would be upset about a child screaming while I was working out.I choose, and pay to go to the gym because I like to work out in a certain environment.

If I wanted to work out around screaming kids, I would just go running in the park.Personally, instead of taking and posting a picture, which was unnecessary and rude, I would have just taken my business elsewhere.


Wow I can't wait until you have kids I hope they are monsters and you see how hard it is! So sorry other people's real lives interrupt your freaking yoga

to Anonymous #1114671

You are really ignorant. A gym is no place for a freaking child! That's rude on the mother's part, no matter where she brings him, if he cannot act appropriately he shouldn't be there

Sounds like the gym owners are losing money and at the point of not caring anymore.

I had a membership at anytime fitness, I am so glad I cancelled it, the place was horrible, and the owners were always looking to add bogus charges

to Anonymous #1413830

Oh come on!I have a child, and it is rude as *** to take your kid into an adult environment like that.

Not to mention dangerous!Having a kid doesn't mean you get to inconvenience everyone else to make your life easier.

Orange, California, United States #1038054

According to other posters you were kicked out for threatening to harm the child if she did not keep quiet not because you complained, don't lie.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #955584

I am surprised at the poor way owners handle customers and issues is all I need to say.

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