Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Sharing my really bad experience with Anytime Fitness and Agile Fat Loss! Signed a 3 month contract with Agile Fat Loss to train with Sarah at Anytime Fitness in Warman (opening a second location in Stonebridge).

Agile Fat Loss took full payment in the amount of $1,663.20 but fulfilled less than 1/3 of the sessions and then Sarah, as my trainer, would no longer accommodate any of the remaining booked sessions. Simple solution the $1,178.10 in funds back to the client for sessions that were paid for but never fulfilled; however, Orlando (owner) and Sarah (trainer) would have no part of that.

I would not recommend Anytime Fitness or Agile Fat Loss to anyone considering a gym or training. I have had a membership with Motion Fitness for the last 5 years and have never had a single issue with their gym. The customer service at Anytime Fitness and Agile Fat Loss is horrible and I don’t believe that a company that does not fulfill training sessions (which have been paid for) are entitled to keep my funds in the amount of $1,178.10.

I have made several attempts to resolve the issue but they refuse registered mail and they won’t work with the Provincial Consumer Protection Division. I know that I will never get funds back; however, hopefully posting a review will save someone else from a really bad experience with Agile Fat Loss, Anytime Fitness, Sarah and Orlando.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agile Fat Loss Agency Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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