Bloomington, Illinois

When my renewal came up after a year on my contract, they tried to automatically renew me by charging on the same credit card that I had originally used. Luckily, I had cancelled that card.

When they weren't able to charge it, they started billing me and harrassing me by phone calls. I sent them a letter, per their request, to have my contract cancelled and not renewed effective the renewal date of 02/06/11. Now, I am still getting phone calls saying I owe them thru April 6th. Pathetic that they don't think enough of their establishment, that this is how they try to keep their customers and collect money!

Automatic renewals?

If I want to sign back up, I will. I don't need to be tricked into doing it.

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his is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. They will flat out steal your money.

The staff is rude, mean-spirited, and makes fun of customers as they are working out. After getting laid off from work the female employee I spoke to responded to my request to cancel my account with "well you signed a contract and you have to finish it" Even though I was struggling to make payments and haven't used it in months she showed that the company only cares about money and doesn't give a *** about their customers. A few days before my membership was about to expire I called to make sure they wouldn't charge me anymore after that. The employee told me that it was expiring on the 26th and I would NOT be charged anymore after that.

I asked her if there was anything else I needed to do, as in turn in my key-card, and she simply responded "Sure" Well this month came and guess what THEY CHARGED ME AGAIN. Now they refuse to refund my money after charging me a month after my membership expired and I had to go cancel my debit card and get a new one.

Never EVER get a membership here, they are LIARS AND THIEVES. Go to Planet Fitness or Fitness 19.


yeah the Anytime Fitness on Dunia, in Victorville, CA screwed me on 'automatic' renewal. I was offered the 1 yr or 2 yr plan and chose 1 yr.

then they had me sign and initial a bunch of ***. Now they say I initialed the automatic renewal. Screw them, I haven't been to that totally uncomfortable stuck up gym in 8 monthes.

Now I have to go in and sign a *** form to get out of it. I'm sooooooo pissed.


Don't sign a contract if you don't even know how to spell, or even read an agreement!


Jeff below is obviously representing a franchisee in this matter and attempting dmaga control. It must be tough times when the owners of these losers are relegated to trolling the complaint sites and embellishing their situations.

It was bad enough they bought into this business model and are now stuck with subsidizing it monthly.

Hey Jeff, Chuck must be proud of you! BUYER BEWARE, DO NOT PAY FOR MEMBERSHIPS IN ADVANCE!


Anytime Fitness owners are all indicidually owned and owners are all different. It unfair to lump them all together.

It would be nice if the location of the center is identified. For example, at my center are rates are much, much less and members are not locked into a contract.