Grand Junction, Colorado

I had a year contract and tried to cancel after 3 months and was told i would have to pay outragous fees and i have emailed and left messages about making sure that my year contract ended at a year and then after a year and a half i finally get a message Sorry we didnt tell you but you have to cancel through ABC financial WTF. ABC financial is trying to tell me that my contact is on auto renewl but my account on there website (another experience that i just found out about) it says Auto Renew: NO But they say "Per the terms of your contract agreement your account was placed on an automatic renewal.

Your membership auto renewed on April 5th 2015" What about all the times i complained and e-mailed anytime fitness that i was not happy with there service and as soon as my year was up i did not wish to be a member with them and they suck and are complete rip offs and liers. They stole from me for 6 months and then charged me an enhancement fee I want my money back this i a total scam and i hope every cent they stole burns *** through there lives and they should have to refund every cent not for unhappy customers but for the financial and emotional anguish they cause with the overdrawn accounts and bank fees because of unexpected debits for *** charges and continued expenses for a service nobody wants

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: To join a lawsuit against you.

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