Grand Blanc, Michigan
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I joined this club on the 5th of Nov. They Closed on the 10th for 5 days to move next door!

I knew they were moving, I was not informed the move would take a week. I needed to be working out now, not a week from now. They suggested we go to a club that is round trip 24 miles away! I joined this club because it was within a mile of my home.

I had considered another club for much less money, but did the math on the gas and determined it was less expensive to stay close to home because gas was so expensive. I live on a small fixed income and could barely eek out the money to join this club, much less drive so far to workout. After having driven to the club where I joined on Sunday, saw the sign saying they would be open on Monday at 6am. So I went back Monday--closed til Thursday (they hope).

When I got back home, I called and advised them that I was not a happy camper. I wanted to know if they were going to pay me mileage to drive to this other facility. No, they said of course. I said I wanted my money back for joining.

They said they did not have computer service so could do nothing for me. I tried to continue to talk to this person--I wanted something done now. They told me they were sorry they even picked up the phone and hung up on me!!! I got on the computer and got the number for corporate HQ in Minn.

I called and spoke to their customer service. I was assured this was not the way they expected customers to be treated. She said someone would call me back within 48hrs. She said she thought they should not have signed up any new members til they had moved and reopened.

So in the meantime, I have no place to workout despite having joined a club a week ago!!!

(I really expect they will do nothing, and I am stuck with this place for six months. I am going to have a tshirt made that I will wear to workout saying: "Sorry I Joined Anytime Fitness")

Monetary Loss: $240.

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I agree with Sherry...these places post signs notifying their customers of upcoming moves and the lenght of time they expect to be down. LIke they have control if the movers take an extra day or the new place has a delay in TI work being done.

Get over it and move on. Yes it can be frustrating, but get a grip.


I have had to move my club before and there is no way it can be done with members around. Yes they should have told you about it but then you would still be waiting to start.

Sorry you went through this but it is normal to be closed when moving. They cant pick up the equipment with you on it!!! I stopped memberships and restarted when the move was done. No one lost any time and they just got out and walked for the days I had to be closed.

The rudeness was uncalled for but all anytime fitnesses are not rude.

There is no need to bad mouth a whole business just because you had one bad experience. I have had many rude customer service people at every place there is to go, but that doesnt make the whole place bad!!!!


Honestly, I can see why you may have been a little steamed, but come on, there was one only 12 mies away?? If your income is that fixed, you should never have joined in the first place.

What would you have done if your car needed a new radiator? or new brakes? Would you have told the gym to give you your money back for the next 4 months so you could pay the bill?? Sheesh, it was only a few days.

If you waited that long to finally join a gym, what was a few more days, and you had access to one only 12 miles away. No, I don't feel for you on this one.