Newark, Delaware

The preferred vendors of ANYTIME are no bargain. Any of the supplies etc that ANYTIME wants you to buy from their preferred vendors can be purchased through the net or at other outlets at discounts of up to 50% over what the ANYTIME *** want to charge you.

Just do some simple GOOGLE searches for what you need and you will find it much much cheaper than what theses *** want to charge you. They are a bunch of inbred sub humans who think all of their franchisees are ***. Once they get their hooks into you, you are screwed. And if you try to get away , they will send their *** privat investigator and their *** lawyers after you .

Be careful doing business with these *** Avoid them at all costs. You dont need their services to start and run a fitness center.

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Hey - check out the "mandated" defibrillator packages they promote and it is another example of this.


You are soooo right. I bought key fobs at 50 cents each.