Newark, Delaware
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Its great to see the number of hits on this complaint board. Also its great to see the increase in number of complaints being posted.

It looks like people are starting to wake up and see these *** for whatthey are. Everyone who posts should tell at least two more people to post and ask tthem to ask two more people to post. Eventually the word will get out about these *** and some good will come of it. Maybe they will stop picking on dead people, people who have moved , people who have losttheir jobs in this bad economy.

Maybe they will start to deal with people in a more caring way instaead of their "take no prisoners " approach and customer be damned attitued.

Maybe they will lear the value of having good customers. And maybe I will grow wings and fly away!!

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Jason, corporate shill for Anytime Fitness is posting everywhere on the complaint sites "representing" the "good guys". Understand each franchisee runs their own show and the fact that one owner actually has a heart would not change the fact most don't!

Read all over this complaint site and you will come to realize Jason is just a shill being paid by corporate trolling and performing damage control posts.

Fake name, fake owner, but a real POS! The gigs up!!!


Sorry to hear that Quirkpo. I certainly don't run my club that way.

I do care about my members & really want to see them get results. During the tough times, when someone lost their job I would freeze their membership for up to 6 months until they found a new job.

Customer service is critical for running any successful business & I want my members to be "Raving Fans" of my club. If there is anything I can do let me know.


I belong to Anytime Fitness in Minnesota and have never had any problems. Of course I know what it is I want to accomplish there and know how to design my own programand know that it takes discipline and persistance to attain my goals.