Newark, Delaware
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Did you know that the ANYTIME scumags are ripping you off on the key fobs? You can buy them almost anywhere that sells them for about a dollar.

The ANYTIME *** dont want you to know this. They just want to keep you paying way more for their supplies and charging monthly fees on top of the high prices. And you dont get squat from them for the monthly fees. What the *** do is look for every and any way to screw their franchisees.

You dont need them to run a gym You can buy health club management software (with far better technical support) on the net. You can buy the keyless systems far cheaper and you can buy equipment and supplies at less than half of what the *** charge you

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Yet another person who joined a gym after they had all the dues explained to them , didn't show up, got no results and now complains about a key fee.

And we wonder why this country is so overweight!

#365327're an ***