Cypress, Texas
Not resolved

an employee of anytime fittness placed an advertisment flier on my windshield. i called the number posted on the flier to address my concern over not being able to remove because it was stuck to my windshield.

The manager Paul was rude and said he did not place this on my windshield.

He yelled and threatned me if i was to do anything about this he would sue me for something or other.

I am upset to be treated that way for voicing my concern. I hope someone reads this and finds that his customer service skills leave much to be desired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I would think that one old enough to drive would not mistake being told something she does not want to hear as "rude". I am sure there is more to this story than you are telling us. I doubt you were polite.


Maybe it's your complaining skills that need tweaking since you were the first to threaten.

Get Goo Gone and remove the paper.

JHC, I mean, do you threaten to sue every bird that flies overhead? How about the owner of the tree you park under?



Stop being lazy and remove the flyer is what I would have told you. You took the time to call and make a post about this.

You really probably should have joined that gym bc you have way too much time on your hands and you seem very lazy. Just an idea...


He should be ashamed of himself, email the company and complain about him.


This is really not something that reflects the company. This is a individual issue, and taking time to complain over a flyer this much says a lot about yourself as well.


Seriously complaining about a flyer on your windshield. Get a life is what I would of told you and probably what Paul said!!


Someone placed a wet flyer on my windshield and I had a hard time removing it. A car wash employee removed it with hand sanitizer.