Chicago, Illinois
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Can not stop contract. They refuse to say no for answer.

and if you just stop like my daughter did they added 6 more months to her contract. hers was a 2 yr. my sister finally stopped payment and they tried to turn her in to a collection agency. after a long loud talk with head office they finally stopped the harassing.

and that is exactly what they do harrasse. something needs to happen with them. they are the only fittness that carries a contract.

I had to get a doctor to finally get me out of it. don't use them!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $54.

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I agree!! I hv frozen my account w/ them once & now & I have put n the cancellation & been told that there s a 30day hold & that I will b charged another month...I have a serious back injury that I sustained after opening my membership...I cannot do any rigious exercises...I can sit 2 hrs, stand 2hrs & absolutely no lifting r pulling my arms up above my shoulders/head...& still I could not break contract...I hate this company...If I ever fully recover then I will just restart p90x & use my Rack...I dont hv to worry about being robbed month-2-month using them ..peace


Cory and the five people writing positive notes on Anytime must work for corporate in Yeehaw Minnesota in their damage control basement. A majority of people that are working out don't have time in their lives to complaint except when they have been pushed and robbed by companies like Anytime Fitness.

This is going on too much and too often in this country. It's consumer voices that will make a difference. I wish I knew this website before I signed up with this awful company.

I'm making sure people are aware of this website. They take your money and that's about it.


No one forced you to sign the contract. If you choose to sign a contract, don't turn around and complain about the contract.

It's your responsibility to read it. Where is the personal accountability?


Your gym is disgusting. :grin :eek :roll

Glad all my buddies from Eastridge recommended otherwise, thanks guys to Golds I go.

PS: Heather's nice until you sign, then total cun+.


Same thing here... A two year contract means forever!

They won't let you out.

Called Visa to stop payments after a nasty call with a horrible gym manager. I hope this franchise dissappears!