Jacksonville, Florida
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went to work out tonight after work and the Anytime Fitness in Yulee Florida was gone! locked up and moved out and a sign on the door said to go to the gym down the street.

*** owner ran this business in to the ground. first she didn't clean, repair equipment, open the office on time or hire people with a brain and now she moves out without notifying members.

the franchise company must not care what kind of fools run their franchises or whether they keep them up.

look at all the blogs all over the internet about such a *** company.

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Susan Bowen - I am writing to you here since it apepars that you read these comments. I have attempted to reach you to resolve a dispute.

Just today ABC Financial contacted me threatening collections. I am not happy and do not want to air everything in this format.

We need to talk. Please respond with a way to reach you.


To Suzie Q,

I understand that you signed in under your actual name last week at our former Elite gym. I am glad you came to use the club.

I am sure that you found it clean and inviting. I look forward to you visiting our new Yulee club once it is open.

I welcome your comments in person or by phone. Please call me at 432-8120.


Typical insults from Anytime Fitness Yulee employees/owner. I worked out there 4-5 days a week.

There was NEVER any notice, flyers or emails to the members. Sure, the new gym is down the road and is nicer - until this wack job owner runs it into the ground too. Too bad for her ex-husband - he knew how to operate a business.

This Anytime Fitness will close within the year! There's competition coming soon!!!!!


The new gym is just a few blocks down the road and it nicer than the old one and they have told all of us for months this move was happening this person must not pay attention to what's going on .


All franchisee owners are "Screened" by the proper corporate personnel. This process includes checking theirs ASSets, willingness to sign a contract and put up other collateral if requested, use the blueprint set out for them and implement every program required, cheesy or not and question nothing.

Seriously, if the potential franchisee has the assets necessary, a pulse and can legally sign a document, they are on board for a 24/7 fitness club franchisee. Abrupt closings, serious billing issues, low budget and filthy facilities, clowns for employees and inconsistency from club to club are their Standard Operating Procedure.

If you paid what for what you get, the dues would be $5.93 a month and not a penney more. BUYER BEWARE!