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Started a memebership with Anytime in December, well I had to stop going and got a note from my Orthopedic that recommended my stopping. I also told them my unemployment had run out and couldn't afford it anymore either... I had all of this taken care of prior to the date of the monthly charge.. Today I had twice the amount taken from my checking account. I am so ticked off! I called them and told them they needed to fix this and reimburse my account.. and reminded them that the cancelation better have been done and monies returned to my account.. So we'll see if I get a phone call or not. and if my account is reimbursed. Very pissed off right now

Anyway, yesterday I called the club to inquire about the number for the corporate office because I had a billing dispute. I was told by a staff member that I had no reason to call corporate and that they, "doubt a mistake was made, but even if it was, you still are getting a rate lower than most members, so it will probably even out." WHAT?!

Unhappy with this BS, I found the number online and called. The corporate office was very apologetic, and said they would send an e-mail to my club saying that they are resolving the billing issue on their end.

30 minutes later, I get a call from the club and am told that they are CANCELING MY MEMBERSHIP FOR VIOLATING CLUB RULES! I said, "what club rules?" I was told, "I told you earlier that you had no reason to call corporate, and since you obviously have issues with club policy, I spoke with the owner and we decided to terminate your membership. If you wish to remain an active member, you need to call corporate back and withdraw your complaint."

I said, "I wasn't complaining! I was trying to get a billing mistake fixed!" The reply was, "well, I already told you what you need to do if you if you wish to keep your membership. That's all I have to say to you. Good bye."

I have never,not ever in my life been treated this way or threatened by any club in which I PAY MONEY to for membership. Who the *** does these people think they are? Anyone else gone through this, because I know it can't be an isolated case

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Yes, I too have had my membership "revoked" because I questioned the "manager" in the Flemington location, Stefan, as to why he would not give up an oddball class he teaches as mostly, a 1 on 1 and let the Pilates teacher have another nite since her classes fill up. He cancelled my membership but did not have the nerve to either call my home phone or send me a letter that he "revoked" my membership.

He left a message on my home phone 3 weeks after cancelling my membership, saying he called me back and I never returned his call. This is not true as there is no evidence of his call prior to last Monday. I have written to the Better Business Bureau in NJ to complain about this issue with additional issues included, like: NO maintenance or safety considered for the clients in this Flemington, NJ location; There is a huge sign on the window saying "Yoga" when there is no REAL yoga class offered; I was NEVER offered the 2 free trainer sessions nor was I ever introduced to a trainer; I was not given a free month for recommending a friend who joined and basically, everything this manager says, is not true. I thought he was a nice guy and gave him a chance after his initial attitude when I joined with the manager who was his predecessor instead of him.

Dwight (no longer there), offered me a pass for 7 days free and Stefan did not. CAUTION: Equipment may be unsafe + screws may be missing, so watch yourself when you sit down on the machines. Make sure you clean the machines before you use them, as they are never clean and are always gross + sweaty. The place smells of sweat the moment you walk-in.

I am lucky, as I did not fall off the machine, but almost did, as 3 of the 4 screws had backed out of the seat on an upper body machine(1 screw was missing). I screwed it back in with my fingers, as I often did, and as some other members did as well. Stefan NEVER maintains the equipment. The best thing is the location, the pilates class, and some of the machines, if they are working.

The ladies room is the only clean room in the place. Do not try to call him back to find out what he meant when he left his message saying that he would refund your money, because he will slam the phone down on your husband as his wife did to me today. I did check the day he left the message that he was "revoking" my membership, with ABC Financial to be certain so I did not get continually charged, as I see so many others were. It is very disappointing to have someone like this Stefan Babrieki (who you read about re: the Hamilton, NJ location), decide that because you ask for an additional pilates class and he says he cannot give up one of the classes that he sometimes teaches as a 1 on 1, to then find out that he does not want you in his gym because he is afraid that you may ask others to request the same.

I truly hope that those of you who have problems with Anytime Fitness Centers, that you fill out forms and report them to Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureaus in your county + state. Protect yourself and others.


I got screwed to and I am not going to take this lightly. Let's take them to court.

Meaning, the Hamilton and Flemington offices in New Jersey. I don't care if they put me into a collection agency.

Let's go to court; I am sooooo ready. I hope Steve is there; I just want to thank him for all he has done for me.

Ready and waiting for the battle to begin.


I am telling the world about these people at ANYTIME FITNESS. IT'S A BIG SCAM AND THEY ROBBED ME TOO!!!!!

:cry in hamilton and flemington, nj specifically.

I fee so bad that I recommended my friends to join, so we all got scammed. We are going on Facebook, Tweeter and any other place we can go to bring these people to justice.




These people stole my money.