Waukesha, Wisconsin
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This location by far is the most corrupt franchise I've ever worked with. I cancelled my account in February of 2015 and received no further bills.

One must assume the contract was cancelled since there was no further billing, right? Wrong. Fast forward 17 months and I receive a collection letter (for $700 no less). Never once did anyone call me, mail me a letter, or any other type of out reach regarding my account in a timely manner until 17 months later.

Now, I am trying to figure out why my account was not cancelled in the first place as I instructed in my letter. No one can get me any answers. No one can figure this out at all.

This gym has illegal contracts (over the length of allowed time the state allows) and violates various other laws.

I cannot get the gym owner to contact me back and his "employees" are being very shady regarding his contact information. They will not even give me the name of the owner or a time that he would be in the gym in person to speak with him. In general, this is a scam. They take your money, violate the laws, ruin your credit- and expect you to take it in stride.



Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $780.

Anytime fitness Cons: Bad manager, Uncleanliness, Dishonest manager, Wrong person responded to complaint.

  • Worst Gym Memberships
  • Anytime Fitness Membership
  • Made Up Contract
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There's so much wrong in this. There's a reason most of them require a letter to be sent certified mail.

It's so they can go back and see when the letter was sent and adjust from there. If you sent it that way, there is a paper trail to follow. ABC will also send you a cancellation confirmation in the mail when it is put through. That can help.

Did you change bank accounts, credit/debit cards, whatever you had on file for the auto withdrawal?

If not, it would have been coming out every month if it wasn't cancelled. If you did change it, and it wasn't cancelled, ABC Financial will start a call campaign a day or two after your first missed payment along with mailing a letter about it. And you also get sent to collections after no payments for 90 days, not 17 months.

And what exactly is illegal with the contracts? Also, how long are they to be over the legal limit?

I think the longest that any of them do is 3 years.

As far as the staff being "shady" with the owners info, it's probably because their contact info is their personal cell or home phone. Sure they're a business owner, but I'm sure you wouldn't want your personal info just given out to everyone that wants it in that case. And it is totally possible that the owner doesn't have set times they will be in the club. Especially if they own multiple locations.

Of course, the owner could just be actively ignoring you, but you never know.

It sounds like one of two things happened, one being your fault and the other not. First one. You never sent the letter so it didn't get cancelled. Maybe made a phone call back then and was told to mail a letter or come in to the office.

You didn't and are just now getting a collections letter after ignoring your account and the phone calls from ABC and are stating what the whole amount since last year to try to pad your case. Or something similar to that. If this is the case, you're SOL due to it being your fault.

Now for the other situation. The cancellation went through and there's not really an issue on the club side or your side.

There could have possibly been a hiccup in ABC's system and the collection letter went out erroneously. I've seen inactive, cancelled (not sent to collections) accounts that have shown $100s behind on payments and no payments since the cancellation.If this is the case, something will be found out one way or another.

You could also go look up ABC's contact info and give them a call to see what they say their system shows. There's no scam, and I highly doubt anything is actually illegal.


This happen to me at Planet Fitness in upstate NY. I cancelled the membership as I lived out of state.

They said great no problem and hope I join again some day in FL..

I received a bill almost 8 months later for full amount.. Never a bill or call ( same number) all that time.. When I tried to reach corporate I could not..

I write a letter I would get my attorney involved.. Then I received a call from manager of that gym who waived the fee..

I gave you the short version..

Don't give up, if you broke there year contract for relocation, medical Etc they cannot charge you..

I will never join this gym again due to experience