Suffolk, Virginia
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Members MUST give a 30 days notice and I am happy to do so. We were loyal members at the Suffolk Anytime Fitness. But should we continue to be charged after notice is giveN????

The Anytime Fitness Corporate Office advised he had the full right to refund the fee for the 30 day notice period.The owner Steve Cross would not agree to not charge us for the 30 days EVENTHOUGH we would not be using the gym because we are moving. Our plan was to transfer the membership but there is not an Anytime Fitness within an hours drive we are moving.

What a desperate way to make money! We were members for a couple of years with our one year contract being completed.


Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Every membership states how the cancelation policy works. Also, during the membership sells process, the staff explains that you must give a 30 days written notice to cancel your membership once your original membership terms have been met.

The member is responsible for any payments that happen within those 30 days. It's not shady business, it on your contract in writing. Lets face it, no one likes cancelation policies of any business. I personally hate cancelation policies, but to run a successful business you must have policies in place.

If you start making exceptions then your business does not have the consistancy to stay successful. I'm sorry that you had a bad expereince, but it sounds like they did provide service you liked (at one time)because you did keep your membership going after your original term.

I hope that you are still working towards your fitness goals and wish you the best of luck on achieving them.


It's funny, how when you get a response in the comments section, they are all from the Gym representatives, these are not even people who care about what the person is going to, instead of giving insightful comments, why don't you change your policies.


So tired of hearing all of you cry babies complain. I can't cancel my membership, waaaaaaa, read your *** contract before you sign it ***!!


If your business is built on confusing people, locking them in contracts, or doing anything other than providing service/access to the gym in exchange for their money, then you're just a shady *** business owner. A good business, or worthwhile business, exchanges a quality service for their customer's cash.

They DON'T lock them into pointless contracts and ridicule them when the reality is it should have been cancelled.

There's really no need for contracts in gyms, however, with subpar gyms like Anytime Fitness, you need a contract to ensure the customer doesn't walk immediately after. It's the Anytime Fitness customer retention policy.


I was all excited about joining Anytime Fitness in Suffolk. But after reading all of these complaints I think I just may joing the YMCA instead!