Knoxville, Iowa

I went into my Anytime Fitness tonight to go an tan. My membership is about up and I wanted to get one last tan in.

I understand that it is probably my fault for not tanning more often but I DO have a life. I went in the room to tan and scanned my key and applied my lotion. I opened the tanning bed and immediately turned the machine on, but when I looked down, I saw that the girl before me had left her cell phone laying there. I put on my clothes and opened the door and handed it to a very worried girl.

The thing is, when I opened the door, the tanning bed turned off. I understand that it's probably a safety thing but I'm still upset that when I went back and tried it again, it didn't work due to their "24-hour" policy. Because of this bad experience, I will never get a membership there again. Also, you can not tan at ANY gym.

You can only tan at your home gym.

So if you go to college, you have to pay a transfer fee and cancel your other one just so that you can tan.... Very upset.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Sounds like you are the problem and you feel rules don’t apply to you and the world should revolve around you. I see no fault in anything anytime fitness did.

You sound like a soul oiled brat.

If you would do a little research you will find there are now very strict laws on tanning beds. Grow up




This is a stupid review.


The owners in Wharton Texas charge you to tan! Money hungry!


Not the gyms fault. They have to have some kind of guard against people tanning multiple times a day etc....which I'm sure was explained to you when you signed up. Should have just waiting til you were done tanning and gave the phone to the front desk.


True and I agree


I’m a member there but no tanking options it’s eased my questions to “WatF?”


Meant to say I’m a member there and without any tanning options.... which raised my questions to “wtf?”


Is the tanning 24/7 or only during

staffed hours?


24/7 no staff has to be on duty


Ive run into this issue with customers at a gym I work at, its usually a state law and because its automated you're SOL for that 24 hours, if i was working at the time I would have let you use a backup tanning fob (we have one for such occasions)

Dont get mad at a gym for a state law theyre forced to enforce


Tanning is bad for you anyway,this is a blessing in disguise. If you have low self esteem and need to feel good by tanning, perhaps you should spend your money on a "life coach". Good Luck!

@The truth

Perhaps you should take time off since you seem so angry at what others choose to do?