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Sure wish I would have seen these postings early. I knew my membership was coming to an end and assumed that would be the end of that and I would no longer be charged.

When I called to complain about the charge on my credit card statement of not only the monthly fee, but also a yearly maintenence fee, they said I needed to fill out a form in order to cancel. Something they fail to neglect to tell members when they sign up. What a this ethical? Sounds like a class action law suit is needed against these crooks.

AND isn't it convenient that the annual membership just happens to fall on the month after your contract is up. Oh yea and when they said they would email me the cancellation form, they conveniently forgot. On top of this the place sucked to work out in.

- they have no idea what customer service is. People working there were rude and indifferent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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I called just to get a quote for how much a gym membership is and they flat out refused to tell me the cost unless I would be willing to go down to the gym for a tour first. Really?? No thanks!!


I literally cannot fathom how you people have so many problems. I was explicitly told that when my contract ended, it would continue to bill month to month.

READ YOUR CONTRACTS, PEOPLE. Cancelling with Anytime was so much easier than other gyms I've cancelled. I emailed them - they cancelled - it was done. So easy.

If you send a letter certified mail stating that you wish to cancel your membership, they'll cancel it. Certified mail means you will get a receipt so that you KNOW when the letter was delivered and who signed for it.

I just can't figure out how there are so many complaints. It's all people not reading the contract, or expecting everything for free.


As an owner of an Anytime Fitness we have similar policies. One thing I want to mention. ITS STATES IN YOUR CONTRACT AND THAT YOUR REQUIRED TO INITIAL NEXT TO OF:



The policies are in place because after 18 months it doesn't mean you necessarily mean you want to stop working out. As a business owner if all our memberships stop after the contract we would have to chase after hundreds of people to rewrite them all up. Also the enhancement fee goes to putting back into new machines and update of the machines.

This is a common factor that gym staff gets. Its also saying its a common mistake that members make for not remember what they are signing. At the end of the day keep a copy of what your signing, keep aware of what the adjustments will take place on the agreement and take responsibility for your actions :cry


Also, I forgot to mention where you say "they conveniently forgot to send the cancellation form"- MADE ME LAUGH. They did the EXACT SAME THING to me!!

Then after numerous voicemails, no returned calls.

They simply don't care. Millions of dollars in their pockets daily, and they refuse to refund my measely couple hundred and continue to STEAL my money EVERY MONTH on the 26th.


Funny, I just found this forum. Every single post is exactly what I'm going through. I had paid for a 6 month training that was to end in June. I tried cancelling in APRIL and they told me it was a contract and there was nothing they could do. I continued paying until June, then BOOM membership fees every month following TO THIS DAY. I have contacted the club I was going to, spoke with every manager, even went to CORPORATE and STILL was told there was nothing they could do because I didn't fill out the form.

I'm sorry.... I thought emails back and forth stating I wanted to cancel and a response saying "okay, it will be taken care of" was good enough. Now I have been fighting tooth and nail with the company AND my bank to stop the payments. The bank now says they cannot help me since I had no hard proof I cancelled.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I HAVE NOT STEPPED FOOT IN THAT CLUB SINCE APRIL 2012. IT'S DECEMBER 2012. GIVE ME MY *** MONEY BACK- EVERY PENNY- AND STOP CHARGING ME FOR A MEMBERSHIP I NEVER HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! I ONLY HAD A 6 MONTH TRAINING. The "membership fee" should have NEVER began in the first place!!! Unreal!! These people truly are crooks. And they have no shame!


oh god, do we have to hear all this again??? Next time walk into the plce in person, fill out the paper and get your PROOF!!!

Then you have a leg to stand on.

Unless you recorded all your conversations, you have nothing!!!!!!!!!! SMFH


I LOVE this club, staff and trainers :grin I have been a member for 3 years...I went from 176 to 126 with the help of my trainer!! I have never had a bad experience in Monona. PS...there club owner just won owner of the year out of 700 owners and 2000 clubs:)


I belong to this gym...and I LOVE it!! Not to mention the staff and my trainer:) I've been in Manona for three years and went from 176 to 126 and compeated in my first body building show this year!!

@Rebecca :(

Well Rebecca...Have you tried to cancel your membership yet? As this seems to be where the issue is, I too like my Gym until I sold my house and moved...they would not stop charging me a monthly fee even after my membership expired, I signed the paper stating I did not in fact want to renew...and yet they magically renewed it anyway and then month after month stole money from my checking account, I closed my checking account after many face to face visits and phone calls with the owner at the Anytime in Gaylord, MN. it seems to happen at all of the Anytime Fitness locations.