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I went in to find out info on how much a membership would cost. The lady seemed nice so we talked for a while & she told me there was a 7 day trial membership that I could try to see if its something I wanted to invest in.

I agreed. Then I asked how much the memebership was if I wanted to continue. $90 a month. We filled out all the paperwork & I gave her $90.

The very next day my tirod snapped & my car was totaled. I called & told her that I no longer had a vehicle. She told me that she wasnt giving me my money back. A DAY LATER.

So now I'm out of a car AND $90. PISSED>:/

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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What an ***. Disregard this post. This person is just an ***.


seriously? 90 bucks a month? MY local is 35 bucks


I like the facilities but now don't feel safe because of the lack of security. On their add they say they have 24 hour security .See my review.


To the original poster it is hard to believe you know anything when you have typos throughout all of your messages. Is your first language English?

If not take someone who does speak it fluently to a meeting where a contract might be signed.

By the way a tie rod might cost $150 installed, if that breaks your bank you should not be joining a gym that costs $90 a month. My less and walk more, which should not be hard with an inoperable vehicle.


I think that we can all agree Anytime Fitness screwed us over big time. I will never recommend Anytime Fitness to ANYONE and I will always feel like an *** signing up in the first place. I'm not going to post my life story here, all that needs to be said is Anytime Fitness IS A HUGE RIP 0FF.


:cry :cry


Hey ***, oh I mean Beakers other if. If you hate when people whine then WHY are you on this site?

I know what I signed. I know what I payed for. I'v read the paperwork numerous times. I'm not a dumb uneducated illiterate like you.

The whole point of this website is for people to vent their issues. Hence the name 'PISSED CONSUMER' Grow up!


Here's an idea, stop your ***... I hate when people whine.

You obviously don't know what you singed up for and what you got for your $90. Instead of dealing with your problem you go online and post on websites like this to make yourself feel better. You even come back to the websites to check to see what comments people have posted on your review in the hopes that people have agreed with you.

I'll bet you even checked the box that says "I wish to be contacted by e-mail regarding additional posts." You're pathetic. :cry :cry


I honestly dont understand comments like that Matt. If your on here commenting then you obviously read all the posts.

My posts contain every bit of information that has happened. You need to read it again.

I'm done explaining myself. This to me is more of a hassle than losing my $90


This is another fine example of the POS Anytime Fitness corporate shills slumming the complaint sites "representing" Chuck Runyon, CEO and the rest of the absolute greedy *** at corporate! Go ahead posters, take a stroll down the hall to Chuckie's office and inform him of your steaming piles left here and you will be in the running for Employee of the Month!

You are a transparent as a baggie and can easily fill it with the hot air you spew.

BUYER BEWARE of this POS franchise, whether it's to franchise or to join! "Taking people to the cleaners" is their mantra....just SPRINT the other direction!


Did she charge you $180 at the end of your free week? That's what you are making it sound like...

just want clarification... or did she charge you $90 at the end of your free week?... thus, charging you for your first month at the start of it.

I'm not pretending that I know what you signed or what was told to you, i'm just looking to see if there is some kind of misunderstanding. Could they have a clause that makes you pay for your first and last month membership?


Again, To everyone who THINKS they know what they're talking about. Owner or not.

Georgia or not. Know it alls or not. I was there, I KNOW what the conversation was about & I KNOW what I payed for.

Not all anytime fitness owners are theiving losers but this one was. And yes I was supposed to get my money back & DUH thats why I'm on here.....


As a Anytime Fitness Owner, A 7day free trail is just that FREE If you mistakenly went ahead and joined the gym, Most all agreements are the same. If you look at the agreement here in Georgia you have 7 days to come back and get all your money.

That is law by the attorney general.

Read your agreement closely to see of there is any clause. Sorry about you circumstances and your experience


the cost of learning a free trial lesson...


Dude you need to back off. I am NOT a dummy.

I know what I signed & yes I have the paperwork & the reason why the trial was the same price as a months payment is because it was a NO contract trial. It was a NO contract 7 day trial.

I'm 38 years old & smart enough to know what I'm doing & what I'm talking about. So before you go around accusing someone of being to dumb to realize whats goin on you should probably take a good look in the mirror.


I support Tom in this one....

How can a 7-day trial cost $90???

Because the $90 was for a membership. It is either a 7-day Trial or a Membership. I think you got confused with what you were actually paying for. By the way did you read over any of that paperwork you signed.

I hope you asked for a copy??

I wouldn't be so quick to be "pissed" at the club. Sorry to hear about your car though.


Uhm.. No.

You payed for a membership. If you asked the lady how much the "membership" cost, and she said $90, then you payed $90 for the MEMBERSHIP. The 7-day trial is FREE. Why on Earth would they make you pay for that if EVERY Anytime Fitness does the FREE 7-Day trial.

You either weren't paying attention, or you need to get your facts straight. As for your car being broken, you signed the membership contract..It's going to be expected that you wouldn't get your money back.


You have no right to say anything because you were not there. I KNOW what I payed for.

I KNOW what I signed. Go bother someone else


I'm just saying, a month of membership is for $90 and you give her $90 so that was for the 1st month and there's no contract for you to buy any more after the 1st month. you can go once or everyday or not at all it still cost $90.


She never once said that the trial was free. She charged me a months cost for the NO contract 7 day trial.

And as for taking a bus, the closest gym to me is 7 towns over.

I didnt post my complaint to get ranked on by you. I posted it so that other consumers will know not to fall for anytime fitness BS.There is NO need for you to be such an ***