Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I signed up for a membership and paid $100, then decided that it was a mistake the very next day because the gym was too far me to drive and it wasn't feasible for me to go very often because of my work schedule. So, I returned the next day to cancel my membership.

Thinking that I would get all of my money back. I was wrong. The manager, Angela, said that she would have to talk to the owner and was baffled because this had never happened before. Her and the owner decided to refund me part of what I paid saying that I was already in the system and that they couldn't refund me the cost of the key card!

They can't reuse it! How is this my problem?! What ever happened to the customer is always right?

So I'm taking my measly $51 and key card and telling everyone not to go to Anytime Fitness in Steamboat Springs, CO. It's not all about the money.

It's the principle of the matter!

Big mistake! Huge!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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"The customer is always right", is way way undated! First of all, the staff surely went over the agreement/contract with you before you signed.

If they did not then you have ever right to read it yourself before signing. It is so *** not to read something that you are signing especially when you are more than likely going to give out sensitive information(s.s.

#, credit card, bank information, and such) You sound like someone who would buy a birthday cake from the local grocery store then take it back half eaten for a refund because you overestimated the amount of people that would eat cake at the party. Next time don't make rash decisions.


Check your state laws. Most require gyms to have a cancelation period of a few days that you can cancel and get a full refund minus any use.


So essentially you had buyer's remorse and wanted your money back. How is that supposed to be their problem?

I'm sure they spent time going over the gym and membership with you before entering you into whatever system they have. It's not their problem you made an impulse purchase, unable to realize before buying that it was too far of a drive (surely you could have estimated that in advance). I understand you regretting a decision, but this is your mistake, not their fault or problem. I don't blame them at all for not refunding you.

Be happy you hot anything.

Next time, fully weigh your options before leaping to decision and sign for purchase.


There is a policy that says if you're not happy you have so many days to get your money back. You join a gym and realize its not for you, you do have a right for a refund especially if its just one day.

If its been 10 days, I can see not getting money back.


Please.... You mess up and expect to use "the customer is always right" excuse?

Grow up and learn from your mistakes. It is not their fault for your impulse decision and inability to take all factors into the equation before purchasing.

Take a hike.


Wrong. Customers are always right.

As a gym owner, i know people make mistakes, if they demand refund ,give it to them. And thats it. You will get another one to replace it. Last thing you want is one pissed consumer coming to sites like this to post a *** review.

at the end, is it worth that measly 50$???

Im suprised anytime fitness plays such a *** game like this with peoples money