Brecksville, Ohio
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I got an 18 month gym membership at Anytime fitness in Oct 2012. I also started a personal trainer at the gym at the same time for 12 months.

I paid $33 for gym and $129 a month for training. Payments for gym came out of my checking account and training from a credit card every month. In August I was in a car accident and did not use gym or trainer since. I'm not arguing membership because I signed a contract.

I did not sign contract for trainer. I was told I had to use different payment method from the membership because accounts were not linked. I texted trainer after accident to request a hold on my account because of accident. He never got back to me.

I did not trust him so I called bank to put stop paying on credit card. The trainer attempted 5 times every week with no luck. Then at the beginning of this year they did an unauthorized electronic check from my checking account. It bounced and cost me $34.

They tried for 2 more weeks totalling $102 in fees. Then did a couple of checks totalling $258. They never once contacted me. I work right around the corner from them and they know it they have seen me and they have my number and address.

When I contacted them they said the system automatically did it. Bull ***. They flat out stole my money. I was waiting to be released from Dr before going back to training.

I was told in have to use all 34 sessions owed to me by end of February. They owed me 6 from before accident.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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