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I got it one week pass at Anytime Fitness when I went in and started my 7 day pass the lady in the officev went around and showed me everything all the weights and the amenities and sent me on my way I worked out and when I was done working out I took my shower as I was leaving the lady stops me and says did you know you're not supposed to be using the shower guests aren't supposed to take showers only paying customers get to take showers as I said I am on a one-week pass there's no way I can be a paying customer so I'm not allowed to use the shower after I workout I don't see it there's no way for me to pay it doesn't make sense she told me that paying customers get to use the shower because I wasn't a paying customer I couldn't shower she told me it wasn't as important as people who had paid that I wasn't supposed to use your shower unless no one was around no one was around when I went in the shower I guess some lady ran to the front desk and told them I guess is in the shower I guess he's in the shower I want I want them out of there I'm a paying customer so they came and told me that I wasn't a paying customer so next time I had to know that that person wanted to use the shower I had to be a psychic and now they want to use the shower as you probably already figured out I will never be a paying customer at Anytime Fitness because of the way they treated treated me what doesn't make sense is I'm allowed to use the facilities completely to see what that facility is like one thing I don't understand is how did the lady or person who wanted to take the shower even know that I was on a 7-Day pass it seems like the management is making special exceptions for certain customers and her excuse was we only have one shower well that's not my problem they only have one shower put more showers in new guests are being punished because this place doesn't want to put more than 1 shower Furthermore she had to stop and tell me in front of a bunch of customers make a big deal about it like she was scolding me I felt like I was in school it was very embarrassing

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Shower Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Holy *** did you pass second grade English? I could only get through : sentences before brain cells started dying.


Omg dude, you need to use punctuation! How am I supposed to read a massive wall of text like that?


Everyone needs a shower