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I signed up at the West St. Paul location in Minnesota.

Josh, the "manager" said if you move and there are no AF locations near you, you can easily cancel. Such a lie. I moved to Illinois four months ago but my transfer with my job did not go through so I barely had enough money in savings for rent and food. I called Josh countless times and explained my situation.

He said I could only cancel if the nearest AF was 14 miles away. He gave me his so called e-mail and said to send my current address so he could mapquest it. So I sent it and he never replied. I mapquested it myself and it's a little over 13 miles away just barely 14.

Not to mention I live in Chicago so traffic makes a 30 minute drive to 45. I'm not going to drive that far to work out. Not to mention I can't pay even if I wanted to. Josh is rude and unprofessional.

He won't return any of my calls. He's the definition of *** bag.

His orange tan and bad attitude. I hate Anytime Fitness.

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Standard Operating Procedure for this franchised, high employee turnover, low IQ, "make money at any cost" attitude business model. The 24/7 fitness franchises have mastered this process and continue to wreak havoc in the fitness industry. Walk, run or sprint as fast as you can away from this company...and you'll get a free workout in as well.