Prescott, Arizona
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I have tried to cancel my membership since 7/3 going by numberous times to cancel. I have called but the voice mail box is full (imagine that). No one is EVER in our Anytime Fitness club. EVER!!!! I contacted ABC Financial to cancel back to the 3rd of July (is now the 12th). Said she had to have 30 day WRITTEN NOTICE and it was in my contract. WHAT contract? I never received a copy!!

What a joke! I still have the key because I CAN't return it. The girl at ABC Financial says there is nothing she can do without a written notice. Will NEVER do this again

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Anytime fitness has two options when you sign up a 1-year contract and a 2-year contract. If you do a 2-year contract it's a little bit cheaper.

You cannot cancel your membership until the contract is up and 30-days written notice is giving. This is a very standard concept used by most commercial gyms, to insure they are profitable. If you do not have a copy of your contract then you probably tossed it out when you signed up. You also failed to pay attention when you signed up.

This is very typical of a newbie gym goer. I've joined several gyms with this concept and have had zero issues canceling them because I read my contract and kept it.

I also understand the business being a strength coach myself.


Shut your trap heartless you have no clue what you are saying. Your no strength coach.

Instead of trolling the complaint boards try taking care of your location. Why this company getting a bad rep :p


suzziqui- The best way to cancel a membership is to go to the facility during the hours of operation. Call to set a time to talk with management.

Just like you would if you wanted to talk with a trainer at the facility. Look at the agreement you signed when you joined. It does explain what to do to cancel. Go back to the club you joined and it should be resolved so that both parties are happy and be able to be fair.

ok thanks.

Frank W. Manager Anytime Fitness.