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While the appeal of a smaller club atmosphere at first seemed appealing, at the end of the day I found the small fitness club lacking.

While it had most of the equipment that I needed, the single change room at first seemed like a good idea, until you realize that most of your stuff has to go on the floor when changing.

Still the Stratford, Ontario Anytime Fitness is a nice a clean gym, the other local gym for the same price offered much more.

When it came time to cancel, even though I did my 12 months service they hit me with an additional 30 day charge, not too mention start up and yearly maintenance charges. The other local gym didn't have a start up fee, and after 12 months you free to cancel. Even mid way you could get out of your contract for $100.

So would I recommend the Anytime Fitness, specifically the Stratford location? Well, if you want something small this is the place for you. However for the same price the gym just down the street on Romeo in my opinion is a much better deal.

Couple beefs about Anytime Fitness: The clocks don't have second hands...not a big deal to most but if you are counting between reps and forgot your watch, you have nothing to assist. The ceiling lamps shine in your face for bench / chest sets; the single change room doesn't have enough change space for my bag and my ***

My biggest beef with Anytime fitness was my exit fee. I'd done my dues paid my 12 months and when I had enough they wouldn't let me out without gouging me for another 30 days membership.

Anytime fitness Pros: Convience of location.

Anytime fitness Cons: Not being able to cancel, No help on the phone.

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