Minneapolis, Minnesota

I cancelled my membership in Anytime Fitness (Downtown Minneapolis) in July of this year. It is now the end of September.

They are still taking money from my bank account. I've tried to confront them about this matter in person. They are never there (at the club location), no matter what time of day. I've tried to speak with them by phone.

Again, they never answer, no matter what time of day. I've left messages, and they do not get back to me.

At this point, I am prepaing to take this matter to the local Minneapolis media, along with the many other complaints against Anytime that I've discovered on the Internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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:) I don't know where these people that are complaining but it is certainly not at my Anytime Fitness. The music is from an Anytime Fitness radio station and the closet thing to a religious music was "Amazing Grace" which I heard only once and I go everyday unless I am bedridden from a cold.

(Missed 3 days in the last 3 months. The only problem I have is they have there TVs set to FOX news and some Religious channels, but what would you expect in Indiana. I just go around and change the channels to Sci-Fi, TCM and AMC. I know the staff does not change them back.

I am 65 and have gone to many a fitness center having moved around the country. If it had not been for Anytime I would not have met my instructor who is the most intuitive person I have ever met. Those above go ahead and leave there will just be other to take your place. Regarding the refunds, money, etc.

Welcome to today's world. All corporations run the same way unfortunately. Try to get money back from any of them. There are very few companies that care about there clients.

This does not mean I don't agree with you. It is just the way things are.


Thank you all for the comments. After reading all of this I think I'll find another gym.....


Oh my god, this is happen 2 me right now!! they keep saying, i have to email in a cancellation, i have, emailed it, fax it & they say they have not got it!!

this been Sept. 14,10 - NOW!!

boy i wish i saw this page before i join them 2 years ago. They want let u quit!!


Thanks! I am glad this site was available.

I am certainly NOT going to get a gym membership from Anytime Fitness. Maybe I can drive an additional 10-minutes and simply join instead a Golds Gym.


Wow, these reviews of anytime fitness really helped make my decision. Thank you for saving me a big headache! I wont join!


Try small claims court. Also, call your bank and tell them the charge is fraudulent and to stop processing the payments.


Dude, they have an auto-renewable contract. Call up HQ (And you don't need to scream to get your point across, being courteous goes along way with customer service reps) and explain that you have fulfilled your original contract and are no longer in need of the clubs services.

***, if you hardly went in it would be in your record, just have them check your usage. If it doesn't work out just keep calling back to talk with a different rep. Sooner or later the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

In the mean time till it is resolved, why don't you call you bank and issue a stop payment? They may charge a small fee but you will save more in the long run.


Hey Stevil, We thank you for your "corporate" perspective with this issue. Now go back to your office at Anytime Fitness HQ and wait patiently to see if you are nominated for employee of the month with this POS POST!

As we both know from the multiple complaints on this website and the loads on others, there is not a thing AF HQ will do about this or any other situation with their individual franchisees.

Their obligations are to collect revenue from their current franchisees and market to more innocent victims. ANY QUESTIONS?


As with everything in American society today, people never want to give all the facts. My question is: Did you sign a contract?

If you did, as is highly likely, then all of the information regarding cancellation, third party billing, etc... is written in fairly plain english on the front and back of the contract. You made a committment to yourself and to the gym when you put your signature on that document. Instead of wasting time and effort trying to slither away from that committment maybe you should spend some of your energy learning to follow though on things, making wiser choices or...

and I know this is crazy, grab your water bottle and a towel and actually go to the club and work out! Kudos on knowing Mr. Runyon's name.

If you know that, then you also know that Anytime's corporate HQ is right here in Hastings, MN. Call em!


This has been going on for years now! Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness both use a third party billing company to try and insulate them from the negative publicity.

They consistently use this to their advantage to extract additional fees, dues and revenue from unsuspecting members. This was obvious while I was involved and one of the reasons why I am no longer. Between employee errors, lack of management oversight, corporate issues and the billing company involvement, it is almost guaranteed you will pay more than what you agreed to.

CHUCK RUNYON, CEO, how about stepping up and taking care of this? Oh, you're busy counting your cash!


forget the media get the mafia after them, they have other methods of getting your money back.