Westmead, New South Wales


I had a back injury 4 years ago that I thought healed by time but once I joined the Anytime Fitness (West-Ryde, Sydney) membership and started doing Gym activities for a week then I realised I still have that pain and it aggregating due to Gym activities.

I consulted with doctor, who advised me to avoid any Gym and other activities that is aggregating back pain.

I have submitted multiple doctor certificate and requested to cancel my Anytime Fitness membership on Medical reason. But Anytime Fitness refused to cancel the membership and advised me to either continue to come to Gym or either pay membership cancellation charges that if more than $AUD500.

I am now proceeding to file formal complaint to Ombudsman against Anytime Fitness located at West-Ryde in Sydney.

With my experience, Anytime Fitness do not care about person physical or mental health as I am in stress due to unnecessary ongoing efforts to cancel membership.

Good luck to me and others who are suffering from Anytime Fitness Gym.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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They offer a 7 day trial for a reason


I feel like to have your self to blame really here. I'm sorry you are injured but these are the types of things you should check BEFORE signing any kind of contract, tested the waters a bit. At the end of the day you signed it and agreed to keep your service with them ect...