Middleton, Tennessee
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Someone ran into me & totaled my car, I'm currently going to physical therapy & have to say people to take me to therapy. I contacted my gym to just have they freeze my account for at least 2 months.

I was informed they needed a doctors note stating why, which I did & payment still was withdrawn 30 days after sending the letter by mail, by Facebook, & also a copy by text message, but still no replies, called ABC Financial & was informed that they could only send the gym an email that I'm trying to contact them. I plan on cancelling by sending a certified letter but in the meantime, I cancelled the account, because I refuse to pay someone who doesn't have enough respect to reply to me, especially at a horrible time in my life such as this & I even sent photos of my totaled car before sending the letter by 3 different means.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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when you freeze your account... you're freezing your time there.

you still continue to pay for your whole membership monthly.

say you froze your account, missed your last 6 months at the gym. at the end of those 6 months (still paying every month) you can unfreeze it, and those 6 months you missed, you can unfreeze it and still continue at the gym for your remaining 6 months..