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Brother is dead still won't cancel Anytime Fitness Complaint by Andromedawormwood READ THE INCREDIBLE RESPONSE FROM AN ANYTIME FITNESS ***####le BELOWhave been trying since my brother was killed in an automobile accident to cancel my membership. My local club was not helpful and did not provide me with all the information to cancel my membership which also included my brother. I have been charged another months fees including my deceased brother's membership and am now being told that I must pay out of the contract. This is a very difficult time for my family and I and this company is not taking any steps to make my life a little less hellish. I can't believe that they are tormenting us further. I am also paying for my mother's membership. Clearly we are all devastated by these recent events. My mother can barely get out of bed much less exercise at a gym where we all spent time together. I am very sad and disappointed at their lack of compassion on both the local level here is Waxahachie, but also the corporate level with their billing company, ABC. I will never join a gym again!

Comments (13) 1. Written by REPLY TO JIM BELOW, on 26-09-2010 21:09

Thanks Jim, obviously from Anytime Fitness corporate office! Your compassion and empathy is overwhelming! Keep your membership? It happened to me? You are obligated! Membership is still valid! Please go back to your fantasy cubicle world...don't worry, you'll receive the "employee of the month" award for the post below.

Report 2. Written by Jim, on 22-09-2010 04:15

I am sincerely sorry for your loss, but with all due respect, why would you want to cancel your membership just because your brother died. Exercise is exactly what you (and your mother) to fight the depression of such a loss. I lost my brother too, but working out was one of the best things I did to keep me going. Your brother died - not you - so, yes, your obligation to continue paying for your membership is still valid. Almost any other club would do the same thing.

Report 3. Written by Poo, on 23-06-2010 16:38

Are you serious Wu? His brother died and was included in the contract so why is it fair that he still pay dues for a deceased family member? You must be part of the *** that run this operation.

Report 4. Written by Wu, on 23-06-2010 13:26

Sorry your brother died, but this is a LIFE issue, not an ANYTIME FITNESS issue. You're still bound by your contract, and excersize would probably do you some good.

Report 5. Written by T, on 08-06-2010 11:26

Well, so much for considering joining an AnytimeFitness club. Thank's for the heads up story. Funny the manager never bothered to look for or discipline the "bad apple".

Sorry for your loss.

Report 6. Written by Andromedawormwood, on 25-05-2010 19:37

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. You know, the way I see it is that I learned a valuable lesson and can, hopefully, prevent someone else from going through this situation. I believe that there are no mistakes, only opportunities to become a better person. I had to go through this for a reason and I know that I am a stronger and wiser person now. Update: They finally stopped charging my account after I paid them another 187.06. I made sure to pay the six cents in pennies.

Report 7. Written by kat, on 25-05-2010 02:37

I lost my sister and didn't go to the gym for over 4 months. I played sports for jr. college and stopped everything! I cannot believe those jerks. it is a tough world be live in. At a time like this for you, you cannot get a break. It's not like you even want to go now after the rudeness these people are showing. I am so sorry! I am so bummed i just joined. I am going to TRY to cancel now since apparently it will take a long time! I hope you are doing ok! Best wishes!

Report 8. Written by terry orl, on 18-05-2010 22:20

sorry for your loss. good luck .

Report 9. Written by terry orl, on 18-05-2010 22:19

sorry for your loss. good luck .

Report 10. Written by THANKS ANYTIME MANAGER..., on 18-05-2010 22:11

A big applause for the Anytime Fitness manager posing as "Fitness club manager" below representing, confirming and EXCUSING the decisions of his fellow manager. Patronizing, although it does provide a great deal of entertainment, should be minimized to help support the illusion of unbiased opinions. Please use some of your valuable time to scour the pages of complaints and comments on this website as well as the many others that provide 24 hour club members and franchisees a forum to share their experiences which have fallen well short of their expectations. Thanks for the LAUGH!

Fitness club manager - or Anytime Fitness corporate???


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Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Thanks guys, ***; I don`t need that ***! I just wanted to workout when it was convenient for me.

Never mind if all i`m gonna have is drama. Don`t need anymore of that in my life. Thanks for the "heads up"! Sorry for all of your issues.

WoW1! is all I can say. I `m glad I stopped to read everybody`s complaints first.

Saved me several headaches i`m sure and probably my sanity! Lol.......Hope things workout for



To the "Jim" from ANYTIME fitness go *** your mother


They even *** with DEAD people